To get your wardrobe working hard for you and to make sure it holds the clothes that you want to wear, feel inspired by and ensures you get full wear out of them- you need to plan! I will take you through the process of how to do this, so you can say goodbye to double ups, one hit wonders, old and unflattering styles and clothes that just don’t make you feel good. I will guide you through my “staple investment pieces” that will work for everyone and will also give advice as to how to get wear out of them so that it makes the investment worth it. This video will be so useful to anyone wanting to make sure they have the right information before they go buying for the new season so that they prevent wasted time and money.

Feedback from this video from those who watched it:

“Thank you Kate, incredibly helpful and really enjoyed it.”

“Thank you SO much- that was amazing- I will re watch again tonight in order to engrain new strategy – have spent a life time falling into all the traps you explained! Will try to plan in advance in future!!”

“Thank you! So helpful- am ordering the next one now!”


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Duration: 52 minutes.

Downloads: A print out of the checklist to use when working out what you have and what you need in your wardrobe

This is a non-refundable purchase.

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