Better communication means stronger relationships.


Self-awareness helps to give people insight into how they behave and how their attitude and actions affect themselves and those around them. Based on the principle that if there is no awareness, there is no change and you will achieve the same outcome; through Clarity 4D we can learn to interact with others positively and productively.


Clarity 4D is a personality profiling system designed to improve our understanding of different personality types and their respective communication preferences. With this knowledge you’ll have the ability to flex your communication style in line with your audience(s), creating clarity, reducing confusion and aiding efficiency.

At the heart of Clarity 4D is a continuous process of growth, based around 4 dimensions of development:

1D Discover:

Identify strengths and development areas through self-awareness

2D Discuss:

Understand how you come across to others

3D Diversity:

Broaden hidden skills beyond your natural tendencies

4D Develop:

Fulfil your potential over time

How does it work?


Completed online, participants grade different sets of words to identify traits which best and least describe their personalities.


Once complete, a personality report is generated based on the answers provided and candidates are presented as leading with one of four colours: red, yellow, green or blue.


I then work with you or your team to bring this learning to life with either one to one coaching sessions or interactive workshops that are linked to the profiles.

how does it deliver?


Better understand yourself, your strengths and areas for development. 

Adapt communication styles to improve relationships and performance. 

Identify how to increase your influence through meeting other people’s needs.


Simplify the communication culture for greater collaboration, cooperation and accountability. 

Support continuous learning and feedback, allowing for mistakes, growth and innovation. 

Improve communication from the top, keeping all workers connected to organisational outcomes. 


Recognise and value the differences in others.

Raise awareness of the impact of personal behaviour on the team.

Create strategic team goals and tactical action plans for effective day to day operations and effective team meetings.

Personal development coaching session

Focuses on the individual explaining the background to their personal communication preferences; helping them to know how to harness their strengths and target areas for improvement.

Group development workshop

Helps individuals to understand how to communicate more effectively with their team members, creating a team or organisation-wide language of colour.
“I was blown away by my Clarity 4D session with Kate. I could not get over how accurate it was and have learnt so much from it. Now that me and my team understand how we communicate, our meetings are so much more productive. I would so recommend the process.”

Mark Himble
DC Accountants

Simple to understand, affordable and effective at getting results, Clarity 4D creates positive results in personal and professional relationships.