Who I work with

Who can I help?

“I first contacted Kate when I reached a significant crossroads in my career. Through working with Kate, I able to identify what my passions are, what my strengths are and what I truly wanted in my career. I cannot recommend Kate highly enough.”

Ciara Aspinal
Director of Pinpointing Potential

Most of my coaching relationships begin when my clients have recognised that personal barriers are holding them back (overwhelm, stress, poor time-management, or a lack of clarity) and workplace challenges are hindering growth. 

You’ll be open to the idea that through coaching it is possible to achieve the outcomes you desire; you just don’t know how to achieve that on your own.


Whether you have got to a crossroads in your life and you are not sure which way to turn or you are a solopreneur running your own businesses, I can support you to overcome personal barriers as well as getting structure, discipline and a clear plan of action in place. 


As individuals for personal coaching or for group work as part of a team, I provide the support to maximise the individual and collective potential.