About Kate


I have almost 15 years coaching experience from multinational investment banks to small start-ups. I am an insightful, empathetic yet straight talker, and have a canny ability to accurately locate the issue and help my clients to see a clear direction of action with which to deal with it. I balance my working life with a home life of children (one with special needs), dogs, attempting to garden, a visceral need to be by or on the sea as much as possible and a continuous quest to make the best chocolate brownie!

Why choose me as a coach

I offer an outsider’s (and pragmatic) point of view

I love using analogies to illustrate a point or a concept which makes the whole conversation feel a bit more “normal” and the issue more tangible and therefore easier to manage. 

To quote a current client:

“Kate’s friendly, down to earth manner and ability to see straight to the core of an issue is so helpful and her good sense around organisational health would be a benefit to anyone running a business. She is challenging but kind, and is clearly passionate about her work.”

Wendy Martin
Partner, Maven Search


It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO of a large organisation or a member of the admin staff in a small tech company, everyone struggles at times with dips in confidence, poor time management, overwhelm, confusion as to how to handle conflict and a to-do list that is constantly out of control. Everyone finds managing themselves difficult when life is busy, and that can mean we don’t always behave and perform in the way we would like! My job is to support you to be the ‘you’ you want and aspire to be – more often.

To quote a current client:

“My experience of working with Kate has been exceptional. She has a natural curiosity and solid people-based skills that help her clients to make real paradigm shifts. Kate has the perfect balance of support, cheer leading and empowerment to make the changes. I would not be where I am today without her!”

Ciara Aspinall
Director, Pinpointing Potential

I’ll help you to better understand yourself

I have spent my working life helping people be their best, regardless of the scenario. I can help you find solutions and pathways which take you to where you want to be.

To quote a past client:

“Kate was able to ask questions to help me work out my weaknesses that were beneath the surface but had not really considered before.  The impact has been very positive and has had wider implications. I am more positive and confident; more relaxed in front of clients, leading to better conversations, better relationships and therefore, better prospects for new business from client referrals. This has been such a worthwhile, positive, professional and rewarding process.”

Charles Lawson
Investment Director, Investec Wealth Management

My career path

  • I started out as a Primary School Teacher but took what I thought was going to be short career break, to get a change of scene – but I have never been back.
  • In 2004 I re-trained as an Image Consultant and ran my own business in London
  • In 2006 I got married and went round the world with my husband and then left London to live in the Cotswolds and re-set up my business
  • In 2008 I trained to be a Personal & Business Coach to add further value to the image consultancy service
  • Client recommendations and demand for business coaching sharpened my focus and Kate Evans Coaching was officially born! 
  • Over the years I attended further training in Business Coaching
  • In 2021 I trained to become an accredited Clarity 4D Personality Profiler
  • In 2023 I was promoted to a Senior Practitioner within the EMCC – proving my methods, approach, experience, and level of clients and businesses was at the required significant level.


Primary School Teaching 

Image consultancy 
Colour Me Beautiful Advanced Image Consultant

Personal & Business Coaching Diploma
Open University, Newcastle University.

Personality Profiling
Accredited Clarity 4D Personality Profiler

European Mentoring Coaching Council –  Global Individual Accreditation and Professional Designation at Senior Practitioner level

I have regular Coaching Supervision sessions so that I can continue to work on my own professional development and skill set as a Coach.