My Approach

My Approach with leaders

Achieve and maintain organisational health allowing your business to thrive; TO BE STRATEGIC AS WELL AS INTROSEPCTIVE.  

I see a business as similar to the human body…it has internal and external needs and functions.  To spend too much time only focusing on the external needs of it, we can ignore the signs of internal strife. And like a human body – this can have a significant impact on a business’s effectiveness, efficiency, output and longevity. 

Poor ‘internal business health’ can build up over a long period of time and when you are ‘in it’  it is hard to spot as situations and behaviours become an accepted part of the culture. To deny, ignore or delay inevitably leads to business-peril; action is required to ensure there is an equal focus on internal and external functions to achieve maximum productivity, maximum staff moral and minimum staff turnover.

This is where I come in! By supporting clients with both the external (often more tangible and technical) functions alongside the business’s (often overlooked) internal health; leaders, managers and teams begin to see truly impactful changes. 

External Functions

Delivery of a product or service

Internal Functions

Staff interaction 
Motivation levels
Productivity and efficiency
Recruitment and retention 
Common goals


Clarity of situation

A clear plan

Better Performance

Effective Communications





“Kate was able to get to the heart of the different challenges the team was facing very quickly, while at the same time, gaining the trust and confidence of them all. I have noticed significant changes in the way they are all working and the team unanimously agreed on how beneficial this process has been for them. I would not hesitate to recommend Kate and the service she offers.”

Peter Horton 
Divisional Director, Investec Wealth & Investment

My Approach with teams

to give them the knowledge, understanding and tools to be as effective as possible

Understanding how your team behaves, communicates, and performs together is essential for effective collaboration, conflict resolution, maximizing individual contributions, building trust, and driving continuous improvement.

It enables them to leverage their collective strengths, address challenges proactively, and achieve superior outcomes. My role within this is to equip teams with the right tools, resources, language and environment in which to do this.


Areas to develop 
Communication style  


Areas to develop 
An accepted ‘language’ of communication 


Clarity of team potential
Better Performance
Effective Communications





Kate has such a bright and positive personality, together with a professional approach and meticulous attention to detail, that is proving invaluable to the coaching she has done with members of our team. She is able to guide and support in order to bring out the best in them whether that be in confidence, communication skills and their own professionalism; helping them as individuals and in turn, benefitting the business.

                                                                               Stuart Holmes
Stuart Holmes Salon

My Approach with individuals

To help you to better understand yourself so you have the ability to reach your potential.

This begins with helping you to get a large injection of self-awareness in the form of analysing your personality; strengths, areas for development, communication methods and how you operate within a team. We will then work on your core values. We can then ensure that everything we do going forward stays in line with those values meaning that decisions, directions and delegations will feel centred and right.


Areas to develop 
Clarification of values 

a clear route to goals

Self management skills 
Time management skills
Clear action planning 


Clarity of self
Better Performance
Reaching your full potential

Everyone needs Kate in their life! She was a calm voice of reason at a time when I was feeling so lost and overwhelmed. She guided me with such skill to work out what I needed to focus on and she has taught me so many skills in order to run my business and life so much more effectively. Thank you so very much!

Tom O’Conner
Manager at tech company


If you’d like to discuss any coaching needs further, please get in touch to arrange a call with me.