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I wanted to do something a bit different with my blog this week as I have been working with lots of my coaching clients on a few “New Year” thought processes.  I mentioned these on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago and I had so many messages about it from so many people saying how much it had helped them, so I wanted to share them with you here in case they help you too.


At the beginning of the year there is always so much pressure to feel like you have to be setting goals, proclaiming to be changing certain aspects of your life, resetting targets, and generally being very focussed and committed to positive change. I fully endorse this (not surprisingly since I am a coach!) however, sometimes this can feel like the most enormous pressure and something that we cannot even contemplate having the head space to think about, let alone start to do.

To be able to recognise the times in our life when we aren’t able to be under this type of pressure and we need a bit of a break; to allow ourselves to delay any of these big targets until a time when we feel more capable and stronger, is so very important and necessary. I am sure this is a process all horse trainers or football managers go through when working out which of their “team” is fit and ready for competition and who just needs a little more time. We can’t always be “on it” and “match fit”.

When you were feeling full up and overwhelmed and as though all your energy is just going into ‘surviving’ rather than ‘thriving’ I always advise my clients to work out what ‘Nuggets of joy’ they can incorporate into their life that allows them to feel buoyed,  steadied, calmed and soothed.  Activities that make them feel happy and help to refill their tank. I have made a list of my Nuggets of Joy and have it pinned to my pin board in front of my desk so that when I get a bit of time to myself I chose an activity that makes me feel happy and I can immediately crack on to do it rather then procrastinating as to what I am going to do and then the moment of free time has passed! The nuggets don’t have to be complicated…a jigsaw puzzle, painting your nails, baking your favourite cake, reading a magazine with a cup of coffee…just things that are soothing and make you feel happy.


Additional to this list you could write up a list of the people in your life who are the ‘radiators’…people who make you feel good, people who believe in you, who are kind, and are there to support you with whatever you’re doing. These people are the opposite to the ‘drains’, the people who bring you down, suck the joy from you, and are always needing something from you.

Once you have this list, when you get any time to yourself, you can chose to see the people who you know are a positive and helpful influence on your life and will help to make this period of time when you are finding things tough- just that little bit easier.

I really hope that helps and do let me know if these ideas resonated.

Or if you want any more information about how I coach and how I could help you- here is a link to my coaching website

Take care and have a good rest of the week

Kate x

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