If you were asked to name your 3 greatest strengths and 3 most frustrating weaknesses, would you be able to do this in under a minute?

Or perhaps you own your own business, and you can’t work out why some teams work well together, and others have constant conflict?

It can be really hard to step back, be subjective about yourself as well as understand the core of other people’s personalities, be able to communicate this effectively and succinctly and then use this knowledge to move your business forward!

However, there is a way to do this, and it is incredibly effective!

I use a personality profiling system called Clarity 4D that gives the user the insight and understanding to be able to create positive results in personal and professional relationships,

Simply put the belief is that better communication means stronger relationships… Stronger relationships lead to superior outcomes.

It is done with a four-step process:

1D DISCOVER: Identify strengths and development areas through self-awareness

2D DISCUSS: Understand how you come across to others

3D DIVERSITY: Broaden hidden skills beyond your natural tendencies

4D DEVELOP: Fulfil your potential over time

You may well have heard of personality profiling and even used other approaches in the past, but if you place personal and professional development high on your list of importance then ‘best practice’ is to be profiled every few years. We are all shifting, changing and growing as we get older and gain more life and work experience; and with that can come a re-think in who we are and how we operate. To have this clarified and your objectives re-aligned will give a huge boost to your effectiveness in achieving it.

Clarity 4D is designed to be affordable for all – this is not a system that costs thousands per person – making it more accessible for whole teams, resulting in more people within the business learning how to communicate effectively. Surely a win-win!

If you would like more information, get in touch with me…

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