I have been nominated a few times by friends on Instagram to “tell all” by listing 20 things about myself that might otherwise have never occurred to me to share with the wider world! I’m not a massive “sharer” on social media as I see these channels as a professional outlet rather then one where I am showing what I am having for my lunch! However, I did think it would work better as a blog post…mainly so that it gives the chance for anyone visiting my site to find out a bit more about me ‘behind the scenes’. I am very aware that the services I offer are so personal and really require the client to trust me and feel comfortable with me- as we will be discussing their inside leg measurements within 10 minutes of meeting! (I’m joking…its not within 10 minutes…its more like 11!) This way I hope to show them I am ‘normal’ and not a fashion plate; I can slum it with the best of them in my trackie bums and also lose the plot over the never-ending “to-do” list vs “work-life balance”!

So here goes…

  1. I was born in Oxford
  2. I am the youngest of three girls
  3. I grew up on a farm
  4. I believed I was adopted until I was six thanks to my sister who told me I was too ugly to belong to our family.
  5. I was the World Pooh Stick Champion in 1987, and this was reported in the New York Times!
  6. My best day as a teacher was making kites with my class and then running around outside with them, singing along at the tops of our voices to the music of “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” from Mary Poppins! To me- this was what teaching should be about…not league tables and SATS tests…
  7. I spent six months in Zimbabwe when I was 18, teaching in a remote school…best thing I have ever done. More life skills learnt here then I learnt in the previous 18 years put together! Every day I would have to teach Geography and English to a class of 50 kids who didn’t really speak English…it was a challenge to say the least- but a brilliant experience.
  8. I am pretty dyslexic…can’t spell or do Maths very easily at all…found out the other day from my 7 year old that 1 x 1 does not equal 2! Maybe its a good thing I am no longer teaching?!
  9. I can make French Macrons (after a considerable amount of practice and swearing!!)
  10. I used to be a trained singer and have performed in the Royal Festival Hall, The Royal Albert Hall and with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
  11. I did Theatre Studies for A-level…now- you couldn’t pay me enough money to persuade me to “perform” on stage. It’s weird as I love public speaking and presenting but I would hate to act now.
  12. My dad was killed on our farm when I was 25…a horrendous loss and it’s had a huge and far reaching effect on our family ever since.
  13. I have two girls, who are 7 and 10…and they could not be more different to each other. The eldest is so eager to please and so studious…the younger is permanently on her own agenda and is not concerned about conforming to rules or social situations….her pants are usually found on her head!
  14. I love G&T’s, bubbles and mojitos …I hate shots (too many bad memories of what happens when you have one too many!)
  15. I suffer from Glandular Fever…and have done since I was 22. I have to constantly monitor my energy levels/to do list so that I don’t overdo it which results in having to stop everything and down tools for a few days. This is the hardest element of working for myself combined with being a mum as sometimes you can’t take a sick day…
  16. I met my husband in a bar in Fulham, London….and then later on that night we re-met again across a tube track (he was on one platform and I was on the other). I ran over to his side and told him I thought he was wonderful….and we have been together for 19 years, married for 13. He is  my best friend and I laugh with him more then anyone else. I am very lucky.
  17. I love antiques fairs/salvage yards/junk shops….I literally get breathless with excitement as I walk round them…they are my idea of heaven as I love to get my creative juices flowing and mull over the possibilities of how I can turn something unloved into something wonderful.
  18. I hate violence/horror/thriller/sadness in bucket-loads which limits my book and film choices a little! I think it’s since I became a mum…I find the world in its real form scary enough without the added extra of the made-up variety!
  19. My nick-name is Warbs as my maiden name was ‘Warburton’….depending on what stage of my life you met me will determine what you call me!
  20. I hate parsnips, tights, heights and bad manners.

Wow- is that too much information? Hope it gave you a little insight into my world! xxx

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