Clarity 4D Personality Profiling


  • If you were asked to name your three greatest strengths and your three most frustrating weaknesses, would you be able to do this in under a minute?
  • Or maybe you work in a team and you continuously have the same communication issues with the same people?
  • Perhaps you own your own business, and you want to ensure that you have the right people doing the right job

Clarity4D personality profiles offer a development process which creates positive results in personal and professional relationships.

Personality profiling is traditionally used in business, and because of the cost, typically only senior managers benefit from self-understanding. However, Clarity4D provides a suite of profiles which can be used by people (young and older) who are going through a change in their lives, as well as people at every stage of their careers in the corporate world.

Their approach is designed to be a learning and development process, which includes completing a profile and following this up either in a one to one coaching session or in a group workshop covering the 4 dimensions of personal development:

  • 1st Dimension: Discover (self-awareness)
  • 2nd Dimension: Discuss (others’ perception of you)
  • 3rd Dimension: Diversify (your hidden potential)
  • 4th Dimension: Develop (your full potential over time)

The colour categories used within the system offer an easy language to describe how we interact and modify our behaviours when confronted by different types of people and varying situations.

The Clarity4D profile can be used for a number of applications from personal and career development, personal relationships, team dynamics, leadership development, sales development and it can also be used as a coaching tool.


Self-awareness helps to give people insight into how they behave and how their attitude and actions affect themselves and those around them. The basic principal is that if there is no awareness, there is no change and you get the same outcome. Through self-awareness, we can learn to interact with others positively and productively.

Clarity4D profiles and workshops can help to improve performance and profitability in the following ways:

1. Self-discovery for leadership, management and career advancement:

  • Understanding more about ourselves, what motivates and inspires us and our strengths and weaknesses
  • Added resilience from understanding who we are and how we cope and deal with stress
  • The knowledge of how to get the best out of those around us
  • Better understanding of the impact that we have on others (family, friends, customers, suppliers etc)
  • Increases confidence that comes from knowing ourselves better and accepting that we are all different
  • Better understanding of the behaviours expected to meet the requirements of different work situations
  • Adapting communication style to connect with other people for improved individual relationships, team dynamics, communication and sales performance
  • Identifying how personal influence can be increased by meeting others’ needs
  • Forming the basis of authentic leadership behaviour
  • The skills to recognise all of this in others

2. Team development for improved communication leading to greater collaboration, co-operation and accountability

  • The skills to recognise and value the differences in others
  • Adapting our approach to build closer rapport with others
  • Having a framework, a common language, on which to base future interaction
  • Understanding how to motivate and support teams during challenging times
  • Identifying preferred ways of communicating together
  • Building collaboration and co-operation
  • Creating action plans for effective future teamwork
  • Increasing self-awareness and understanding the impact of our behaviour on others
  • Closer relationships with clients and customers through a deeper understanding of their preferences and communicating effectively with them
  • Reducing risk of reduced productivity, demotivated staff, errors, missed deadlines, breakdowns in communication

If you are interested about the Clarity 4D process and would like to discuss how it could benefit you, your team or your company- do get in contact with me.