Morning! I am writing from a café…cappuccino to hand and the sun shining in on me through the window. I am feeling a sense of contentment that I am not ashamed to admit, comes from it being the first day of the school term and I have uninterrupted thoughts…bliss!

I hope you are all ok and have navigated your way through the holidays and have come out the other side in one piece. The Christmas/New Year period is such a double edged sword… on one hand it can be full of joy, excitement, laughter and fun….on the other it can be highly stressful trying to keep all the balls in the air, everyone happy and the show on the road….and those are just the basics. It’s a time when one is forced to reflect on your past year- the highs, the lows, your achievements, your frustrations and things that didn’t go to plan and where you are in your life. You also look forward to how things are going to be different for this year- how you are going to make those changes really happen this time.

Whether we like it or not, January is a time when the “New Year, New You” message is ringing loud and clear…you can’t miss it. The fitness DVD’s, the radical new diet plans, the motivation speakers and daytime TV on loop of positive messages- promising you “this year will be different”. Sometimes they will strike a chord and make you think and this can then lead to you to getting going on what you want to achieve- good for you…take this and RUN!

However…for others the message just washes over you-  is too hard to contemplate…its too hard to work out how the hell you are actually going to find “the new you”. Where do you start…?

Job, fitness, career, clothes, hair, hobbies, time management, money flow and the old chestnut- work/life balance….take your pick.

Obviously, in my role I could wax lyrical on how to get the “new you”…that’s what I do…I help you be the best you…in how you look and who you are. But I do this ALL YEAR ROUND! A January one hit wonder I ain’t.

So what would be the first step I would advise if this new year has brought about reflection, the need to sort a few things out, the desire to feel better about how you dress or perform at work?

Write down the goal you want to achieve…there is nothing like making your brain work out what it ACTUALLY is you want…and seeing it in on the page. Then work out if you know how you are going to achieve it…what bite sized pieces you can chop it into, what is going to make it hard or stand in your way from achieving it, who is going to support you while you try to do this?

I have already done this myself for the goals I want to achieve this year and I cannot tell you how much it helps to “make it real”- not just a thought it your head going round and round.

As always- if you want to chat about any of my services, hear how I work or just give me the once over to help you decide if I could help you- please give me a ring or we can meet for a coffee…

So..that’s my thoughts for a Wednesday morning…I’m off now to hit the sales with my list of desires…must stay focussed *can only buy items I can wear in the spring*!!



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