Would you like my help to get a style re-fresh?

Would you like my help to get a style re-fresh?

Hello and happy new year! I hope you managed to have a good break and are now back for the new year – ready and raring to go!

However, if you have started the year feeling a little at sea with where you are going with your style – perhaps you went to a few social events over Christmas and found yourself wearing the same clothes you always wear as you felt nothing else suited you, other alternatives didn’t fit, or you tried to wear something different but lost your confidence – you might find this free video I have recorded really helpful.

You can click here to sign up to watch the free video!

Once you have signed up you will also receive a questionnaire, which, once filled in, will help you to determine what your “default” way of dressing is as well as what your style aspirations are.

You can then watch the video where I take you through how you can combine these two elements together so the way you dress feels like you – but just more exciting, more put together, more “now” rather than ten years ago!

At the end of the video (once I’ve taken you through how to find your personal style) I tell you a little bit about the new new private members club I have created.
Of course, you’re under no obligation to watch this part if you just want to enjoy the free content, but I have created the membership to help you even more. It has lots more styling videos like the free one (so if you enjoyed that then you’re bound to love those), as well as a private Facebook group where I run live question and answer sessions, and lots of information on brands, tips, ideas, pointers and suggestions on how to get the most out of your wardrobe and always feel great at any event.

Plus, there is a special discount to join the membership if that’s something you’re interested in!

I hope you find it helpful and do let me know if you have any questions about the video, the content or the membership.

And again, you can click here to sign up to watch the free video!

Any questions- just let me know!

Kate x

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