Winter Makeup Tips…

Winter Makeup Tips…

Not sure about you but I could set my calendar as to when we have reached Winter, by just looking at my skin; chapped, split lips, pale skin and not a dewy glow in sight…!!!

Therefore I thought it might be helpful to share my makeup tips with you all as they are obviously going to be paramount in enabelling us to feel like we can step out the door with our heads held high even though we might not bee feeling all the feels of our own natural beauty at this time of year!!

Winter makeup Tips:

  • You’ve heard this preached enough, but it’s true; no matter whether it is summer or winter we all need to wear sunscreen in daylight hours. If you get into the habit of applying it daily, you will thank yourself when you’re older and relatively line-less. If you can’t be bothered with too many lotions and potions, consider a tinted moisturizer or foundation with SPF of 15. I love the ones from Bobbie Brown..
  • With wintery, windy days the chances of getting your hair stuck in your lip-gloss increases- never a good look. Instead…use a moisturizing lip balm, followed by a lip stain to give you colour. If you want a hint of shine- put your gloss in the middle of you top and bottom lip…it makes your lips look fuller, but is less capable of letting hair stick to it! Burt’s Bees do a good lip balm/ stain…
  • Berry makeup colours work well in winter…for those of you with a warm skin tone- try the russet/orange shades and those with a cool skin tone – try the pink/raspberry shades.

Day to day Makeup tips:

  • Don’t throw out a lipstick if you feel the shade isn’t quite right…keep it to mix with another colour and you might find the perfect shade!
  • Cream eye shadows are best avoided if your eyelids are prone to creasing; powder shadows are much easier to blend and can look more subtle.
  • Contrary to popular belief…foundation does not need to be applied all over the face…only on areas where you feel you need more coverage…the rest of your face can be left to exude all its dewy clarity, but you still need to apply SPF15 to it though!
  • For those of you who suffer like me from very dry, permanently chapped lips- I wanted to share with you something I discovered this week; that the application of Vaseline is not going to help…. (I know, I was in shock too!!) This is due to the fact it is petroleum – based, so it blocks air getting to the lips (so stops further chapping) but doesn’t actually moisturize them…so the constant application is never going to solve the problem.  What I have found does solve the problem are two products. Forever Living Aloe Lips   and Nuxe Nourishing Lip Balm …both have huge moisturizing benefits and are petroleum -free. I have gone form applying vasaline up to 20 times a day to using either of these products once in the morning and once in the evening…the results speak for themselves!!

Party season tips:

  • Nude lips and smoky eyes vs bold lips and subtle eyes…. whether you opt to play up the eyes or the mouth, remember they are never to compete for attention.
  • Red lips and porcelain skin with nude eyes, brightened with a bit of mascara is so striking.
  • Whereas smoky, glamorous eyes and nude lips always gives a classic, sultry look.
  • If you are leaving the office and don’t have much time to glam up before an evening event…try using false eyelashes to instantly make your look more dramatic. There are so many types on the market- sparkly, coloured, jewelled; or for a more subtle approach- try individual lashes.
  • To make your lipstick last through the drinking, eating, kissing, talking and pouting; all things that are intrinsic to any party… you need to layer.
  • Begin with a lip-base (foundation mixed with a little moisturizer is a good substitute) then use a lip liner similar in colour to the lipstick…draw around the line of your lip and colour in the lip. Then apply your lipstick- followed by a dusting of translucent powder, than apply another layer of lipstick. Lastly- dab a little lip-gloss over the top.
  • Trinny Woodall has brought out a nifty makeup line that allows you to stack up the products you want to take to a party  – ie lipstick, blush, eyeshadow and cover up,  into stackable pots …check them out here…




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