We can pretend we are French!

We can pretend we are French!

Hello and welcome to April’s Baukjen blog…all fresh and ready with ideas to peruse over during the long Easter weekend…! I am so excited for the bank holidays and promised sunshine… we might even have our patio built by then and yesterday the corner sofa (that comes with a ice bucket sunken into the table top- all ready for copious bottles of Rose to be nestled into!) was delivered! So I am properly getting my spring/summer vibes ready and these picks from the latest Baukjen collection only add to that!

There is a definite nod in the “Chic Parisian” direction in this collection…simplicity, elegance and timeless investment pieces that I know will last you years. I often talk to my clients and members of my group about wardrobes being made up of a mixture of “parents and children”. The ‘parents’ are the cornerstone pieces of your collection…grown up, steady, hugely versatile and deliver on many bases. Pieces such as your winter boots, a good quality coat or a cashmere jumper. The ‘children’ are pieces that are much more fashion-led or emotion led…the dress you see in a market in Spain when you are on holiday, the colourful top you buy from Zara or the sale piece you couldn’t not buy. They offer fun and excitement but can be hard to ‘manage’ or aren’t always that flexible in terms of maximum wear-ability! We need to make sure we have enough ‘parents’ to ensure that the wardrobe functions otherwise all hell will break loose! So invest wisely in pieces that you know will steady you wardrobe ship and they will reward you for years to come!

If you have been receiving my blogs for a while you will know I have a complete weakness for Broderie Anglaise…I literally cannot get enough of it so seeing this piece made my heart do a little flutter! I love the detail and it is great if you are bottom heavy and need structure and texture brought to your top half. If you are concerned about the see-throughness I would buy a little flesh coloured cami to wear underneath that are always so useful to wear with light coloured tops.

Mary Organic Cotton Blouse

Mary Organic Cotton Blouse: £129 (£109.65 with my discount)

I love this colour combination of shirt and trousers! These style of trousers would work for you if you have a defined waist and small (but shapely) bottom…I would also suggest your legs need to be on the longer side due to the slightly relaxed cut and turn ups. Your top does need to be tucked into the trousers to show off the “paperbag” detail at the waist…so you could have fun with the belts you wear with these as they will always be on show!

Caledonian Trousers with Tencel™

Caledonian Trousers: £109 (£92.65 with my discount)

A classic black blazer…always so useful to have in your wardrobe (if black is a good neutral for you). A long term, staple piece that will give you so many options it is worth investing a good quality one- and this is it. The cut is a more relaxed fit- more boyfriend style, so would work well for those of you without a defined waist who want a straighter silhouette.

Sloane Recycled Blazer

Sloan Recycled Blazer: £249 (£211.65 with my discount)

If you have never tried a Baukjen Breton top I would suggest you make it a priority. The quality is incredible- really soft, thick cotton so they hang properly and will last you years…I have three in my wardrobe and they are all at least three years old and they look just as good as when I got them (even my mum rang me the other day to tell me she have just got herself one and she was so delighted with it…so impressed with the quality and feel!) This version will work for you if you have clear, bright and dark colouring due to the stark comparison between the black and white.

Ripley Recycled Cotton Breton Top

Ripley Recycled Breton Top: £65 (£55.25 with my discount)

A trench coat is one of the most useful coats I recommend to have in your wardrobe as not only is it hugely practical (for obvious reasons) it instantly makes you look smarter when you put it on- regardless of what you have on underneath. Wear it over a suit Vs a jumper and jeans and there is massive opportunity to get the wear out of it ….making the price per wear brilliantly low! Due to the fact that we live in a country that is known for its changeable weather this is a piece to make an investment priority. I love the style of this one as they have put an elastic panel in the nape of the back meaning that even if you have the coat undone, it still retains its shape- such a nice detail to include!

Ladbroke Organic Trench

Ladbroke Organic Trench: £279 (£237.15 with my discount)

Gingham is huge this season…although it is such a lovely print I don’t know why it ever needed to leave! I have included a blue and red version to see which might take your fancy! I love the dress with the frill on the shoulder – but be careful of this style if you are petite as the tiers in it will cut you up a bit and could make you look shorter

Katie Organic Cotton Dress

Katie Organic Dress: £139 (£118.15 with my discount)

Such a pretty, updated version and the colourway would work for those of you with a warm skin tone…perhaps if you like red but want to ease yourself in gently- this might be a good option to go for? The sleeve detail would work well for you if you are bottom heavy and the shorter cuffs are scrying out for you to be abel tow ear this with a stunning collection of bracelets.

Poppy Organic Blouse

Poppy Organic Blouse: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

The French theme continues with this pretty skirt…an easy “pull on and go” option that would give lots of options as to what to wear it with due to the neutral colours. I love how they have styled it- a cropped jacket or cardigan works well with this cut.

Kathleen Organic Skirt

Kathleen Organic Skirt: £109 (£92.65 with my discount)

The Baukjen Boyfriend jeans are so comfy- relaxed but not oversized (and therefore making your legs look huge)…they have brought out a charcoal stripe version for the summer. You can’t go wring with these..such a flattering shape and would last you years as the quality is great.

The Organic Boyfriend Jean

The Organic Boyfriend Jean: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

If you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: KATEEVANS15″ to get 15% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

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Kate xxx