The results are in!

The results are in!

Hello! Hope you have all had a good week? This blog post is an update on a process I started back in April this year.  I wrote a blog about some skincare treatments I was receiving to combat thread veins, old acne scarring and to generally combat pretty dull skin. All brought about by the fact I was fast approaching the big 4-0 and was not feeling all the “dewy skin feels” of my youth anymore!!  I felt that “normal” facials were just not going to be able to deliver the results I wanted as some of these challenges needed more specialist equipment. So I started to have IPL laser Therapy as well as Radio-Frequency with Eliza Clarke who is based in Cheltenham, to combat them.

All was going well – (here is a link to the “half way point” blog I wrote to show you the results I was getting) however, we then came a cropper when I had an IPL treatment a week after I had been in the sun (with SPF 30 on). Despite the protection the rays obviously got through which meant there was enough melanin in my skin to react with the IPL laser and it made the skin on my nose blister. Therefore I stopped having treatment for the rest of the summer to allow my nose to properly heal and Eliza gave me two specialist post-laser treatment products to aid this process.

I have not had further IPL treatment since – I feel my skin is just too sensitive and it’s not worth the risk. However, Eliza has done a couple of peels on my face- again to help with pigmentation and the original scarring I wanted to get rid of and the results have been fantastic and I will DEFINATELY be having more of those on a general “MOT” basis as they make your skin really glow (in the non-shiny sense!)!

I have also recently met Jeanie Scott who is based near Burford in Oxfordshire. She had been highly recommended to me and I follow her on Instagram. Her passion for the science of skincare as well as the integrity she has of offering incredibly bespoke facials, shines through her videos and stories. She mainly uses Dermalogica and Votary…very different ranges but both offering solutions to different skin challenges. The essence of Dermalogica is based in huge skincare research as well as using “face mapping” to plot the different needs of the different areas of your face and therefore using different products for each area. So for example- if you have combination skin it is advisable to use products to combat oil in your t-zone and loss of moisture in other areas. Jeanie works from a purpose-built cabin in her garden and everything about her approach is calm and utterly professional. She LISTENS to your needs, she CONSIDERS the challenges and she PROVIDES the answers. She is so knowledgeable about skincare, product and approaches I could listen to her all day! The facial she did for me was utterly bespoke and while it was incredibly relaxing and a real treat- it was not in any way “just a pampering session”…it was so much more. She also offers laser treatment and other more “machine-led” treatments – call her to discuss your needs. Here are her contact details: Email:, Instagram: jeaniescottskin Tel: 07949 147 899.

I recorded a video of my skin in its natural state a week ago and posted on Instagram – so you can see the end results here! (I am afraid the video does have a slight pre and post amble which I couldn’t get edit out as the software to do this refused to work…so I am sorry for the less then polished video production- but I hope you get the jist!

So as you have now discovered, I would highly recommend these two ladies …. suited for different approaches.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to discuss anything I write about.

Have a lovely weekend and best wishes

Kate x


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