The beauty alterntive to Netfilx

The beauty alterntive to Netfilx

Hello, hello, hope you are all ok and having a good summer?

Nothing fashion related from me tonight I’m afraid…I’ve gone rogue and I’m talking beauty/skincare.

You might have heard of a new skincare and beauty company called Beauty Pie that was started last year and has become a real hit. Essentially you pay a monthly fee (£5/10/20/month or a flat fee of £99/year) and for that you become a member of the club and have access to their high- end products at cost price. So, for example, you might want to buy a moisturizer that has a retail value (to non members) of £100, but you get to buy it for £15. The company make their money in the membership fee and therefore pass on the products at cost price to their members.

If you are someone who is wanting to try different products, wants good quality ingredients but resent paying massive prices- you might like to give it a try. I have been toying with joining for months now as I kept seeing reviews/people talking about it on social media. Tonight I finally bit the bullet and signed up. However, before I did so, I watched the skin care guru Caroline Hirons review it. She raved about it, so in my mind- if she says its good – it must be! Here is a link to watch the video and hear her thoughts:  She also gives out a discount code at the end which gives you £50 worth of credit…enter “Carolinesentme” at checkout for this Billy-Bonus!

Once you start shopping its hard to stop…. so have fun and if you click on this link they gave me- you get your first month’s membership for free (just for transparency I also receive bonus credit if you sign up using the link.)

There is no ulterior motive for letting you know about this..purely wanted to pass on my experience should you be interested or even be toying with the idea having seen adverts like me,  and since they were offering a sweetener on both sides I thought- why not share?! Clients frequently ask my advice about skincare and makeup so I am always on the look out for great products and sound advice. On that note- the two people of whom (is that the right grammar?) I hang off every word regarding skincare and makeup are Caroline Hirons and Caroline Barnes … quite simply- brilliant, knowledgeable, experienced women!

Right- off to make space in my bathroom cabinet for the impending arrival of my new purchases!!

Have a lovely evening


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