Swimsuit pointers

Swimsuit pointers

So, there’s no getting round it- we are now officially in “swimwear-season”. We spend the whole year looking forward to our Summer holiday but for many of us, this is blighted by the old chestnut that is ‘trying- to feel- comfortable- in something -that- is- effectively- like- wearing -your- underwear -in- public!’

Whenever I am doing a Style Consultation with my clients there is an audible groan EVERY TIME I say….”Sooooo- swimwear”. All too often there is a lot of thought that goes into this little wardrobe area…. and it’s usually less of the positive and more of the “damage limitation” line of thinking.

“How can I cover up ALL of my body the most easily?” or “When is the right time to opt for the safety of a swiming costume rather then battle on trying to feel comfortable in a bikini ?” or as a client said to me the other day “I need to feel that I can play with my kids in the pool without feeling like something(s) is going to fly out !”

Just as there are certain clothing styles that suit different shapes better, so there are different swimsuit styles which will flatter and fit some better than others. The first best bit of advice I can give you is always go for a colour you know really suits you and is great for your skin tone…this will do masses for making your skin glow in the right way and you to feel more cheered.

Neat Hourglass (defined bust and waist, neat bottom and hips).

If you have a neat hourglass figure and you’re in proportion then you basically have your pick of swimsuit styles! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Try a bikini in a fabulous colour to show off your figure.

Full Hourglass (full bust, defined waist, rounded bottom and hips)

Support is key so opt for a swimsuit or bikini that has underwriting or built-in support for maximum comfort. Avoid gathering on the bust of hips.

Triangle (full hips and/or thighs, defined waist, shoulders that are narrower than your hips/smaller top half)

You want to draw all the attention upwards and emphasise your slim waist. A mix and match bikini is great (wear a colour on top and go for a  dark colour on your bottom half). Patterns and details should be kept on your bust and beware of high-cut styles as you don’t want these to finish at your widest point.

Inverted Triangle (straight shoulder line, little waist definition, flat hips/bottom, your bottom half may seem smaller than your top half)

Halter and square necklines work beautifully with your straight shoulder line. Have fun with details on the hips. It is usually easier to go for styles where you can buy your top and bottom half separately, this will give you the freedom to get a look that works best for you.

Rectangle (straight shoulder line, hips and bottom, little waist definition, straight ribcage – you may also have a full bust)

A swimsuit with a central panel in a darker colour is a great option for you as it creates the illusion of curves and a slimmer shape. Geometric patterns look great with your body shape.

Oval (rounded shoulder line, curved back, fullness around the middle, flat-ish bottom)

A tankini will cover your middle and isn’t too figure-hugging. Details on your shoulders will draw attention upwards. Have fun with sarongs as chic, colourful cover-ups for whilst you’re relaxing by the pool.

Ultimatly- my advice woudld be go for what you feel comfortable in. There is no age where wearing a bikini = desparately holding onto youth;  and likewise opting for a swimming costume does not = frump. You have to feel comfortable and there are so many different styles / prints / formats and patterns out there – there will be one which will work for you.

One last thing- for those of you who are mums and are still feeling the effects on your bodies after having your kids; your children will not think back to days on the beach with you and remember what you wore- they will remember the fun you had messing about and playing with them- not giving a stuff as to whether anyone was looking at your cellulite or if you belly is sticking out! So get your armour on and a cossy in a good colour and forget about the rest! xx

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