Summer is coming regardless!

Summer is coming regardless!

Hello….I am writing this from my kitchen table as my 7 year old is muttering and puffing in exasperation beside me as she struggles to get her head around decimals; yet another batch of chocolate chip cookies are in the oven (purely for bribery purposes) and the paddling pool is filled and ready for when school is out at lunchtime! This is our new normal and as long as I don’t let myself think about our previous life…I can cope. I feel very fortunate as the juggle of working full time alongside home-schooling as well as shopping, cooking, cleaning is my reality and at times it feels very hard… but I know full well there are so many others for whom this situation is so much worse. I have always placed huge value in reminding myself of what I can be grateful for (especially since I am a coach!) but I am doing this ten-fold at the moment…and getting my children to do it too! One of this things I am so grateful for right now is my work. While it puts lots of pressure on me and my husband for us both to be trying to carve uninterrupted time whilst living in close quarters with our children, this outlet brings me so much solace, comfort and creative scope which is vital for maintaining some semblance of the mental status quo! I also know- from receiving all your messages (thank you so much for these…I love reading them and chatting to you about your style) that you are loving the distraction- in any form- right now; so, without further ado- let’s immerse ourselves in the new summer collection being released from Baukjen right now.

Lilly Top in white: £59 (£47.20 with my discount)

I know this isn’t exactly a “reinventing the wheel” type top but I just LOVE the simplicity. Every time it’s a sunny day and I am wanting to flash the flesh but don’t want the ensuing strap marks- this will be so useful. It also comes in black!

Lilly top in Black: £59 (£47.20 with my discount)

The other design feature I love is the fact it isn’t fitted or tight around the tummy; so while it might feel exposing on your shoulders- your tummy is free to do its own thing! If you are full busted it won’t come as much surprise that I would recommend the support from a good strapless bra!


Anastasia Dress: £169 (£135.20 with my discount)

Such a pretty, delicate print- it will work for those of you will light colouring as the print is using light colours only. It will also work for those of you with a defined waist due the drawstring pulling the silhouette in here; the fact that the sleeve hemline finishes at the waist too only adds to showing off your curves. Careful if you are on the petite side (less then 5ft 4″) as the tired skirt will “chop up” your lower half and won’t be so flattering.

Here is the same fabric in a shirt if this is more you thing….really easy, relaxed style. Great if you need to bring detail and interest to your top half or you are full busted as it will allow space for the girls. It won’t be so good if you are a neat hourglass as it could swamp your shape. One way to get round this would be to possibly size down or wear with a jacket over the top to bring your shape back.

Anastasia Blouse: £99 (£79.20 with my discount)


A great dress option for those of you who are full hourglass and have gorgeous curves and a full bust. The fabric of this dress will really help to flatter your shape and not add bulk. I love the simplicity of the style as it won’t date and you can change the way you style it for each occasion with different shoes, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and nail varnish colour!

Nanette Dress: £119 (£95.20 with my discount)

Loved the colour of this tee shirt and it was so beautifully styled in the picture- showing how this shade of pink works brilliantly for those of you with cool colouring…just gorgeous. Wear with an array of neutrals: navy, medium grey, white, cream….

Micha top: £59 (£47.20 with my discount)


Love the colour and style of this shirt…it would work really well for those of you with red hair or dark brown hair with warm tones. It would also be a great option for those of you who are bottom heavy due to the shoulder and arm detail and the fact it has pockets on the bust- always a good thing if you need to create shape here.

Lillia Shirt: £89 (£71.20 with my discount)

I included this image to show the styling as it is simple yet so elegant. Careful with cropped trousers if your legs are on the short side – I would advise to wear with neutral heals to keep your legs looking as long as possible. These will be great and super flattering if you are curvy on your bottom half.

Cropped Palazzo trousers: £59 (£47.20 with my discount)

I love the colours and details on this jumper- it will be perfect for you if you are top heavy and need to bring more attention to your bum/hips to make you look broader there. Great use of colour and a modern twist on a classic navy jumper…just gorgeous.

Nyla Jumper: £99 (£79.20 with my discount)


I hope that gives you some inspirational starting points – if you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: KATE20SS to get 20% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…


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Take good care and have a good a weekend as you can right now!

Kate x