Statement Jewels

Statement Jewels

One of the best ways to transform an outfit and make it look fresh and stylish is jewellery. It can be a relativity cheap, easy and flexible way to elevate what could be a very simple outfit.  However,  be careful, as an mis-match can turn your outfit into disaster….too much jangling, clinking and colour can be distracting and you can loose the impact by having just too much.  In my experience the best way to not go wrong is to make an outfit around one massive statement piece or to make a balance between each part of your look.

So here is my guide on how to make a fashion statement with your bling…

Less brings more

Statement jewellery should be a centre of your look, so don’t try to wear all your favourite pieces at once as the outfit can become unbalanced and look  ridiculous rather than stylish. One statement piece is enough for looking classy, but if you want to push the boat out and take a risk wearing a few pieces at once, keep in mind two simple rules:

1) DON’T T wear two and more statement jewellery at one area.

Cuff bracelets and massive ring together – NO

Cuff bracelets and chandelier earrings – YES

Fabulous necklace and stunning earrings – NO

Necklace and cocktail ring – totally YES.

2) Avoid wearing different metals and a lot of colourful gems at once. Too many colours can make you resemble a Christmas tree!

Simplicity is synonym of style.

The best way to underline the beauty of big jewellery is to mix it with simple cloth. Avoid patterns and ornaments; leave it for less busy jewellery. The best way to freshen your little black, gray or white dress is to wear fabulous statement necklace, while ideal match for jeans and t-shirt is bright, massive bracelets or earrings. Try on your small casual accessories with massive bright jewellery to make greater effect, but keep it in same colours.

Justify your choice

There has to be a reason why you wear a piece of jewllary…it won’t have the impact if this isn’t clear. Either chose a piece that picks up on one of the colours in the outfit or it is making a statement all on its own.

Here I am in a fabulous pair of tassel earrings which match the colour of my jumpsuit(!!)…they are from The London Mummy and she sells the most fabulous bold accessories…

Combine the right neckline with the right necklace

Each neckline has its ideal necklace. A V-neck line will suit a V-neck necklace shape.

Whereas a strapless or scoop neckline will suite a curved necklace shape.

Avoid wearing a statement necklace with a halter neck and collar neckline which are close to your face, as a statement piece will go amiss and get a bit lost. But a polo neck sweater in one colour with fabulous necklace will look extremely stylish and chic.

Jewelled Arms

Stylish cuff bracelets are also a great idea to show the beauty of your hands. Choose clothes with bare hands or wear bracelets over the self-coloured top with long slim-fitting sleeves. One more variant is bangles. The main rules are to wear them on one hand only and not more than six pieces. Make sure every bangle completes one another and balances in colours, patterns and shapes. Don’t forget to try on a hot trend – metals mixing.

Here is a picture of a me wearing my  current favourite cuff…(£20)…from The London Mummy…the perfect way to quickly jazz up and simple jumper and jeans combo.

I hope that gives you a good guide on the things to think about when choosing your statement jewels….!

On another matter- if you didn’t see my post yesterday, I have been nominated for “Gloucestershire’s Best Mum Recovery Service” in the Cheltenham Maman Family Awards 2017…and was asking if you would vote for me!

The category I am nominated for is described as follows:

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Some of you receiving this email will have met me in person and may have come to me for a consultation and you will therefore know how passionate I am about helping women feel good about themselves- at any stage of their lives. However the process of having children and the effect this can have on our bodies, self esteem, time and available income is massive. I hope, whether you came to see me for my Life Coaching or Image Consultancy services., that I helped you in some way to feel just that little bit more confident about you again, a little more excited by life again and a little less weighed down by “mumstuff”.

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Voting closes on 1st October 2017.

With many thanks and best wishes

Kate xx

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