Specs appeal

Specs appeal

Not a long blog I’m afraid today as I am slightly drowning with all that’s going on with “the end of term” and cramming in as many one-to-ones as I can before I break up for the summer…but short doesn’t have to be any less helpful (I hope!)

I thought I would give you a quick low-down on how to chose your glasses – whether prescription or sunglasses. They are such an important purchase as they have a huge impact on your outfit -more so then any other accessory, as they are so prominently placed-so it’s vital to get them right!

It’s also important to consider the occasion you’re wearing them for, as you may need more than one pair (any excuse for a bit of shopping!)


  • Your Colour Category: Have you had a Colour Consultation yet? The frames of your glasses should complement your skin tone and work with the colour palette in the rest of your wardrobe. Wearing a colour that’s not right for you bang in the middle of your face is going to be hard to disguise…so knowing which are the best ones and which to avoid is always going to help!
  • Your Style Personality: The way you dress is an expression of who you are, so you want to make sure your glasses portray the right image. A Style Consultation will help you discover what your Style Personality is and how to dress to reflect this.
  • Your Face Shape and Proportions: To keep your look in balance you should wear frames that are opposite in shape to your face…

Round Face = Angular Frame Shape – Square or rectangular frames that are slightly wider than your face will make your face seem smaller.

Angular Face = Rounded Frame Shape – Lightweight oval or rounded styles will suit you best

 For those of you lucky enough to have an Oval face shape, most shapes and styles will suit you so choose whatever takes your fancy, just ensure it works with your colouring and style personality.

As usual- any questions or for more information- just let me know.

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Have a lovely weekend



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