Something for everyone!

Something for everyone!

HELLO and welcome to January’s blog for Baukjen! I do hope you are all well and managing to get through this lockdown time in one piece? It is so hard isn’t it…’Groundhog Day’ springs to mind! However, I keep telling myself this will end…and in the meantime we have to hold onto ‘nuggets of joy’ to keep us going!

The new Baukjen collection is certainly providing this- so many fabulous pieces made with responsibly resourced fabrics, packaged in biodegradable packaging while at the same time, adhering to a zero waste policy. I salute their approach and am so proud to work with a brand that has such high principles.

So here is my round up of this month’s drop that I hope inspires you to treat yourself and bring a little ‘nugget of joy’ to your wardrobe!

Starting off with the inevitable “Loungewear” that is the staple to our lives right now…I have picked one for each colour category group- to ensure there is inspiration for all!

This olive green Montana Sweatshirt would suit those of you with deep or warm or soft colouring as the tones are dark, yet warm and tonal. It is a shorter, neater fit so would work well for those of you 5ft 5″ and below.

Montana Organic Sweatshirt

Montanna Sweatshirt: £75 (£60 with my discount)


The Marte hoodie would work well for those of you in the light and cool/clear category too. The Baukjen hoodies also come up with quite a neat fit so if you want this to feel more roomy I would size up!

Marte Organic Hoodie

Marte Hoodie £79 (£63.20 with my discount)


The Brooklyn hoodie would, again, work well for those of you also in the light and cool categories. This could work for those of you in the softer category too…as long as you had a cooler skin tone as well.

Brooklyn Organic Hoodie

Brooklyn Hoodie: £85 (£68 with my discount)

I love these Joy Pants …the fact that you’ve got rainbow stripes down the side really does bring that ‘spark of joy’. From the colours in the stripes you could wear these with any of the sweatshirts in their range- with the exception of the olive green.

Joy Pant

Joy Pant: £89 (£71.20 with my discount)

If you wanted something more neutral, these Jay pants would work really well -especially with the olive green Montana sweatshirt!. And as I’ve said many times before – a side stripe is a dead-cert way of making your legs look longer.


Jay Pant

Jay Pant: £89 (£71.20 with my discount)

I included the Dakota Organic Dress as a brilliant option to wear with leggings or even leather leggings as I know lots of you would feel more comfortable if your bum is covered- so this dress sort that problem out! Be careful with black though; those of you with very dark colouring or very clear colouring are really the only groups guaranteed to look good in black.

Dakota Organic Dress

Dakota Organic Dress: £95 (£76 with my discount)

The Emory jumpsuit I felt was a really great option for feeling a little bit more dressed up, but while still remaining comfortable. You could do many a Zoom call in this jumpsuit and feel that you are certainly looking appropriately dressed for meetings! The fact it is navy blue means it will work for all colour groups. Be careful if you have a full bust though as pockets on the bust will only add to the volume. If you don’t have a defined waist then I would avoid a jumpsuit in this style due to the fact it is designed to be worn with a belt and belts round an undefined waist will only make you feel ‘thicker’ in that area.

Emory Lyocell Jumpsuit

Emory Jumpsuit: £159 (£127.20 with my discount)


I love the colours and print of the The Gillia blouse. It will work well for those of you with warm, deep, and soft colouring. The drapery fabric will be really flattering for a full bust too. Carful if you hold weight on your hips though as the full cuff could add more bulk in that area.


Gillia Blouse

Gillia Blouse: £99 (£79.20 with my discount)


If you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: “KESTYLES20″ to get 20% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…


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Take good care of yourselves

Kate xx