Seeing the potential…

Seeing the potential…

Hello! Thank you so much for all your lovely emails about my last Baukjen blog…I am delighted you found it helpful and liked what I had chosen to feature. One of the most common things people commented on was that these blogs help you to see the potential in items that you might miss and more importantly the pitfalls of cuts and fabrics that are just not going to work for your particular body shape.

When I first started working with the team at Baukjen I spoke passionately (I would say at times you might have described it as ranting!) about how I feel it is a fashion brand’s responsibility to ensure their customers can navigate their collection with the right information to know what to buy that would suit them. There is no point putting out the message “buy everything” if the person does this, tries it all on, feels rubbish in lots of it as not everything will work for them, and they send it back with a mindset of “Well that brand doesn’t work for me” and never buy from them again.

On a commercial level this is disastrous for the brand as they have lost that customer’s trust, but on an environmental level it is also completely lacking in responsibility by adding to the packing / posting / delivery / repacking / reposting / redelivering process.

My point to the team was to recommend they work with a qualified and experienced Image Consultant (me!) to give regular advice to their customers as to know what would work for them from the collection and what wouldn’t, so that they could buy with confidence. This way they build trust with their customers as it’s not only helpful but it’s also honest. You cannot design a collection that would suit everyone- so lets be upfront about what will work and what won’t so we don’t waste time, energy, packaging, process and confidence.

Luckily they could see this and we have now been working together for the past 4 years…proving the point that customers want down to earth, practical and honest advice. But it also proves the point that the brand really does care about its customers and wants to be a responsible retailer by reducing as much waste as possible. I am delighted….it’s a great partnership.

This blog is designed to show you how you can use the styling teams’ ideas to inspire you to buy in whole outfits that you can then get wear out of with the individual pieces- giving you more bang for your buck. My golden piece of advice for buying anything is to always ensure you will be able to wear it with at least three other items in your wardrobe and you can think of three occasions in your lifestyle you could wear it to. With that in mind I wanted to show you this outfit…


Lou Organic Skirt

Great neutral colours that would work for everyone…and this styling will work for those of you with a neat hourglass shape due to how its showing off the hourglass shape. The skirt is an A-line design, meaning that it will go out at your hips and keep on going out- so if you hold weight on your lower half this won’t help you as it will make you look wider. However, it would be brilliant for you if you are top heavy as it will help to balance you out. The stiffer fabric and the buttons will only add to this. The shirt and jumper combination like this will work for you if you are bottom heavy as it will build up the shoulder/neck area.

Lou Organic Skirt

Lou Organic Skirt: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

In neutral denim this skirt is so flexible in what it can be worn with and a great option as summer leaves us and we go into autumn and we need our fabrics to be a little thicker again.

Baukjen Essentials Organic Cotton Rib Top

Baukjen Essentials Cotton Rib top: £39 (33.15 with my discount)

Always good to stock up on good basics that are great quality…I would recommend all the Baukjen tee shirts as obviously they are so versatile.

Saera Organic Shirt

Saera Organic Shirt: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

I love how long this shirt is…great for if you want to wear it with leather trousers or leggings and want to cover your bum! If you have warmer colouring- wear it with turquoise, teal, blue to soften it a little. I have included the next picture to show how it can be styled differently…

Saera Organic Shirt

Margot Organic Wide Leg Jean

Margot Wide leg jeans £109 (£92.65 with my discount)

I love these trousers (but sadly I think they might be too short for me as I am 6ft) ….the buttons on the hips are a great detail for giving more impact to a slightly flatter hip and the full leg will work for you if you are wanting to bring more weight to your lower half. Careful if you are petite though as this bulk might drown your frame a little.


If you have been getting my blogs for a while you will have read about my views on the epic Baukjen Leather jackets!!! They are THE best I have ever tried. Every time I am doing a private consultation at my home with a client and we mention leather jackets I immediately run upstairs to my wardrobe to bring down my own one for them to try on and EVERY person has commented on how comfortable, soft and well fitting it is and they go and buy themselves their own! They are so useful and versatile and I love the fact they make them in colours other then black…this navy one is my favourite. They will work for anyone unless you have very broad shoulders and then I would suggest a lighter weight style jacket.


Kara Leather Jacket

Kara Leather Jacket

Kara Leather Jacket: £449 (£381.65 with my discount)

The potential styling options for this are so long..I wear mine all year round…with cashmere or a hoodie underneath in the winter and over dresses and skirts in the summer. The gold hard wear will work for you if you have a warm skin tone. Just ensure it does up properly when trying it on because even though you may well only wear it undone, it will only sit properly when undone if it fits you.

Mirabell Organic Tapered Cargo

Mirabell Tapered Cargo: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

These will work for you if you want to bring a bit more width to your hips as they are tapered so they draw attention to them. Avoid these if you have shorter legs or are bottom heavy.

Agatha Organic Cotton Top

Agatha Organic Cotton top: £55 (£46.75 with my discount)

Such a pretty top and I love the frill detail- great for bringing the attention up top. Careful of this if you are full busted though as the neckline is too high and won’t flatter the girls.


Couldn’t be simpler could it! Gorgeous styling if you have coolness or clarity in your colouring due to the start black and white combination. For those of you with softer colouring, black isn’t the first neutral I would recommend for you – charcoal grey, navy blue, chocolate brown are always going to be a more flattering options. However, I do appreciate a black jacket is very useful so if you are going to invest in one- wear it with other colours that work well for you as well as good jewellery around your face that will soften the black.

Alanis Jacket with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Alanis Jacket with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Alanis Jacket: £199 (£169.15 with my discount)

I like the slight puff on the shoulder to help bring a bit more definition there (always good if you are like me and have shoulders that slope into nothingness). The simple single breasted design will work for most body shapes unless you are very curvy. If you are petite, always consider having jackets taken up if they are too long for you (you want them to come to just above your widest point on your hips).

Catherine Upcycled Top

Catherine Upcycled Top: £29 (£27.55 with my discount)

A good cut if you want to broaden out your shoulders but be careful if you are full busted as the dropped sleeve will make you look wider here.

The Organic Boyfriend Jean

Organic Boyfriend Jean £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

These jeans are SO comfortable…and not so baggy you feel ridiculous and can’t be worn in a smarter way. A brilliant all rounder!

If you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: KATEEVANS15″ to get 15% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…

Kate xx