Ripping up the rule book!

Ripping up the rule book!

So often clients tell me after their consultation that they wished they had come to see me sooner but they were worried that the experience was going to be full of rules and restrictions with no flexibility on “the advice”. If I had a £1 for the number of times someone has said “Please don’t tell me I can’t wear Black” I could now hot foot it into Mulberry and pick up a bag (or two!).

However, I don’t see my role as someone who tells you what to do and what not to do at the same time as grabbing your boobs and wrestling your much loved items off you (thank you for that great advert Trinny and Suzannah). My job is to help you to look your best- of course there are going to be styles of clothes and colours that look better on you then others- but its not about always “sticking to the rules” its knowing how to bend them so that you still feel like you and don’t need to throw away half your wardrobe having seen me!

I have compiled a list of areas where you can break free from the rule book – and give yourself a style boost.

1. Break the rule – no showing off

Embellishment is big this season and it’s such a shame to keep it for best. Re-spin your going out wardrobe to day-time by dressing down with flats or trainers and yes… definitely wear sequins in the day.

2. Break the rule – hemlines must match

There was a time we were told coat lengths had to cover skirts. The High Street has been playing around with proportions for seasons, so wear cropped or knee length trousers with a ¾ length coat.

3. Break the rule – don’t clash warm and cool shades

Thought red and green should never be seen – think again. Gold and silver, hot pink and lime green, orange and blue, mustard and grey make a wonderful colour palette – stretch those pre-conceptions and get noticed!

4. Break the rule – gloss first

Turn any lipstick into an easy to wear shade. Instead of applying your lippie then a gloss, coat your pout in gloss first then pat the lipstick on top to give a subtle ‘kiss’ of colour, rather than a pigmented pop.

5. Break the rule – switch up your scarf

Is there anything more versatile than a scarf? As well as adorning our necklines, work around your waist which will result in the new ‘It’ belt. Whether sitting on top of a miniskirt or in a contrasting print to your dress, nothing could be easier to upgrade your outfit.

6. Break the rule – don’t mix patterns

Florals for Spring/Summer may not be ground breaking but they are if you wear them with check prints. As two of the boldest patterns around, they make the ultimate style statement worn together. The secret when mixing patterns though is make sure you keep to the same colour ways. Think tartan midi skirt with bloom blouse.

7. Break the rule – you can’t stay in your PJs all day!

Ever wished you could stay in your PJs all day? Well, now you can. From silky separates to slouchy two-pieces, the cool girls are rocking pyjamas as an every-day outfit. And finally…

8. Break the rule – don’t dress like a tom boy

The one fashion trick you need to master is the masculine and feminine fusion. A zip-up tomboy bomber and borrowed-from-the boy’s brogues gives a pretty full skirt an unexpected edge.

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