Redescovering old favourites

Redescovering old favourites

The brilliant thing about doing a Wardrobe Weed is that you discover things you have forgotten about as they have been hidden behind all those items you wear on a regular basis. I don’t know how many times I have quoted “you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time” to client’s when rummaging at the back of their wardrobe …and it is so very true… So it is vital you keep reacquainting yourself with its contents and working out how to wear them.

I got this coat at a charity clothes sale last year. It is from Anthropology and cost £30…so I was delighted at my bargain. However…it was a wee bit snug (read here- I could only wear it with a t-shirt underneath!) I tried so many times to wear it but knowing I would not be able to drive without it cutting off the blood supply to my arms  I gave up and it was relegated to the “we live in hope” area in my wardrobe that we all have…those gorgeous items taunting you to lose that little bit of weight so that they can be brought out again in all their glory!

Well…all’s well that ends well…here I am a year later and it was worth me holding onto as it now fits beautifully and goes with SO much of my wardrobe…

When clients tell me they don’t want to get rid of am item of clothing as “it might fit again” I do instigate quite a frank conversation with them as what they feel is the likelihood that this will happen…If they are doubtful of their chances- then I tell them to get rid…as otherwise these items will taunt you and stop you buying something else that does work for you and makes you feel great.

So- set aside a few hours and get “weeding”…and I promise you- there will be some wonderful gems in there that you will rediscover! I would love to know how you get on…so let me know!


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