Hello…I am sorry I have been so quiet on the blog-front lately, but I have been super-busy with re-aligning my services/job/work life balance, so the blogs had to go on pause! I thought you might like to know a bit about what I have been working on.

Back in March, I got to a point where I was being pulled in too many different directions as the two roles within my job can be utilised in so many ways. I love what I do and I was being offered so many different and exciting opportunities, but it got to a point when I felt I was spreading myself too thin and needed to work out what I was going to keep doing and what I had to stop or re-package.

So I worked with an incredible coach, Tamsen Garrie,   who specialises in helping people to align and grow their business. She helped me work out what my vison for my business was, how I wanted to work, who I wanted to work with and how my life was going to look when I was working the way I wanted to work.

Once I was clear in my head, I then moved on to work with the most brilliant copywriter, Jess Lawther who helped me to get this new vision into a succinct and streamlined body of copy for website and marketing material.  She has been an amazing support and I would heartily recommend her.

It is amazing how a re-align/re-brand/re-fresh can bring such clarity, energy, excitement and passion. I am now raring to go (after a good holiday!!) and can’t wait to continue to work with my private clients, old and new but also with companies and brands- helping them to help their customers and employees to know how to dress their best and be the best they can be.

When you have a moment – do take a look at my website to see what I have been up to, who I have been working with and the direction I am working towards.

It is a scary, competitive world out there…but when you are totally clear in what you do, where your strengths lie and what you want, it is much easier to swim in your own lane and be comfortable with that. I hope through the experience I have been through, I can use this to continue to help and support my clients to be the best they can be…so that they feel happy, fulfilled and confident.

Thank you so much as always for your continued support- I so appreciate it.

Kate x

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