Re-fall in love with your wardrobe

Re-fall in love with your wardrobe

As you know I’m all about helping my clients and members of my “Grow your style Confidence” group build a wardrobe of outfits that will stand the test of time, and it’s especially pertinent in times when sustainability is at the top of many people’s agenda.

However, there is a risk that you will tire of the same clothes and wearing the same outfits over and over again. That’s when rash purchases happen, and I’m sure this will lead to familiar feelings of regret further down the road.

So, here’s my guide to help you stay on track and love your wardrobe.

  1. Tidy Up

Not rocket science but a tidy, edited wardrobe makes it easy to see what you have. You can organise it in any way you like but I life to put my wardrobe into sections- jackets / tops/ shirts. dresses etc. and within each section I hang similar colours together. By having a sort out there are bound to be items in there that you’ve forgotten about…so get them out, work out what you can wear them with and enjoy them! Move on anything that you’re unlikely to wear again as one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

    2. Shake IT Up

Once you have worked out your style and built up a wardrobe of key items, your main goal is to freshen it up each season. That’s not to say I’m encouraging unnecessary purchases; as things wear out or no longer fit, you will need to replace them. This is the time to inject some freshness. It’s very tempting to jump on to the trend band wagon, but I guarantee that these items will end up in the charity bag next year. So, make considered purchases that will keep you relevant.

Let’s suppose that you feel happiest in well-fitted jeans, a classic t-shirt and blazer; your collection of jackets will no doubt cover all of your neutral colours….So next time you’re in the market for a blazer, you might want to branch out a get a jacket in a more vibrant colour for you.

     3. Know Your Colours

Colour is key. When you understand what suits you, it makes shopping so much easier, and over time you will build up a collection of clothes that work with each other and look fabulous on you. I would like to think that you can fall into your wardrobe each day and come out looking amazing!

     4. Reverse Shop Your Wardrobe

This is a really useful exercise for those stubborn items that you struggle to get rid of, but don’t wear. Take them out of your wardrobe and hang them on a rail or in a separate area. These are your go-to items each day. If you manage to wear something (and you feel good in it), it has earned its place back in your wardrobe. Whatever remains unworn after a month, it’s time to go.

It’s easy to enjoy your wardrobe when you have clothes in there that you love! If you would like my help to learn to love your wardrobe you can either book a session to come and see me in person or if budget and location prevent this- why not sign up to my membership group and learn through watching styling videos, reading my targeted, in depth blogs and being able to directly ask me questions…Let me know if you have any questions.

Kate x

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