Re-brand yourself

Re-brand yourself

Just as a company needs a rebrand from time to time, we also need to rebrand ourselves at various stages of our lives. As women, we go through so many physical changes in our lives that effect our body shape, our colouring, our self esteem, our sense of self-worth that we can end up feeling totally at sea with our own style (and therefore confidence) at various points in our lives. Therefore- a “re-brand” can be a really useful process to go through; a chance to take stock, think about who we are, how we want to be perceived by others, what makes us feel comfortable etc…and then go out into the world feeling clearer as to what we are about.

I do lots of work with individuals as well as teams within companies- helping them to do this; to make sure that the way they are dressing and presenting themselves is supporting the company brand values so that their “message” to their customer is as clear and solid as it can be.

Last autumn I was working with an artist on her personal branding. I asked her what her brand values were for her company – how she would like it to be perceived by others. She gave me words such as creative /dynamic/individual/colourful/inspiring, yet she was wearing black head to toe; with no makeup and no accessories. When I commented on this she was so shocked as she said she had never even considered the importance of how she dressed…or how the fact that because she was not dressing in line with her company brand values, this could mean that her customers were subconsciously receiving a  “confused brand message” and therefore switch them off from buying.

A definition of ‘rebranding’ from the Cambridge Dictionaries says:  “If a company rebrands itself or a product or service that it provides, it creates a new name or image for it, often to try to change the way that people think about it”.

I always think one of the best example of personal re-branding is in the case of Victoria Beckham. If you look at images of her circa 2005  with hair extensions, blonde highlights and fake tan and then compare it to the woman she is today where she looks the epitome of a well dressed, sophisticated woman- wanting to portray a serious luxury clothes brand….it is incredible. Her style makes her brand believable and as a customer, you “trust” it more as she is representing it so succinctly.  Victoria has been able to redefine her style and her personal branding to strengthen the company offering

Your personal image will influence how people see and think about you.  In the work place, you want people to think about you in a particular way so that you can achieve the right responses. So you need to ask yourself, are you projecting the right image or is it time to change your look?

Is your hair colour and style making the most of you or do you need an update?   Have you mastered good make-up skills and a daily routine so that you always look good whether you have 5 or 25 minutes?   Do your clothes flatter you or should you change your style? 

If you need me to help you or the company you own or work for to redefine your personal brand values- please do let me know. It is an area I am passionate about as I have seen such incredible results from clients I have worked with.

Have a lovely weekend…

 Kate x

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