Pucker Up!

Pucker Up!

In the last few weeks I have been asked numerous times about my thoughts on  a statement lipstick…. I have a sneaking suspicion the pout-tastic Candice on “The Great British Bake- Off” might have got a few people thinking about this….!

Since we are about to enter the season where our social lives all take a huge upturn…I thought it timely to give you a few ideas of how you can give your makeup routine a bit of a boost.

All too often we’ll spend hours, or even days, searching for the perfect outfit for that special event;for me the brainpower has been assigned to pondering whether I am going in the sequins, pleated skirts, velvet jumpsuits or the metallic ankle boots direction …or perhaps all of it! However, our beauty look is often left to the last minute….and we end up having to use the same colours and techniques just to get out the door on time while your partner is still speaking to you!  So…my advice would be to plan ahead for this party season to ensure your outfit AND your pout is perfectly polished!

Shades of Red

A bright red is an iconic Hollywood look for a reason; it’s glamorous, sensuous and feminine. Keep the rest of your make-up pared back if you’re going for a strong lip shade; neutral eyes, a little blush and then allow your lip colour to give the real WOW factor! If you have dark hair and eyes- you can wear a strong red…whereas if you are fairer you will need to wear a slightly more muted red as otherwise it will overpower your colouring too much. If you are unsure which shade of red would work for you…get in touch and I can give you a makeup lesson showing you the right colours and applications techniques that would work for you. I sell vouchers for all my services- so perhaps you could ask for this as an early Christmas present so that you are in the know before the party season starts!

Long Lasting Lips

Keeping your lip colour in place all evening can be a challenge, but with the right application techniques and products, it needn’t be…

  1. Gently exfoliate your lips using a specially formulated lip scrub. The Bliss Fabulous Sugar Lip scrub is a good one or you could make your own by mixing a little sugar with olive oil into a paste consistency.
  2. Apply a non-greasy lip balm to soothe and moisturise your lips.
  3. Apply a lip base to prime your lips, help your lipstick stay in place and reduce feathering. The Colour Me Beautiful one is one I use for all my clients.
  4. Select a lip pencil in your ideal shade, line and fill your lips in.
  5. Then apply your favourite lipstick
  6. Finally you can go the extra mile by then blotting on loose powder on your lips and reapplying the colour again …this will really help with its staying power.

If you want to order any makeup products from Colour Me Beautiful…here is the link to my own page: https://colourmebeautifuldirect.co.uk?aid=W256

Let me know if you have any questions…. and do share pictures of your gorgeous pouts on my Facebook and Instagram Pages…

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