Pre-autumn inspiration from Baukjen

Pre-autumn inspiration from Baukjen

Hello…I hope you are all well and for those of you on school holidays- you are surviving!! I have taken advantage of my kiddos being on a playdate today to immerse myself in the new collection drop for August from Baukjen (and what a great collection it is- so many interchangeable pieces) to share these with you and hopefully give you lots of inspiration, so that as and when you are ready to buy- you have an inside chance of knowing what will work for you and what you might be best to avoid.

Starting off with a jacket that I know will be SO useful so many of you: The Arwen Blazer : £229

Every time I wear my camel blazer (bought four years ago form Banana Republic) I get SO many questions asking where it was from and where they can find similar. It has always been a frustrating search as I could never find one as good….until now! This one is a total winner; a great shape for those of you with a defined waist as it will really show it off. It is also perfect for those of you with a warm skin tone. Camel is such a versatile, neautral colour to go with other items you may already have….here is some inspiration:

(Images from Pinterest)

The Breton stripe image leads me to show you the Baukjen offering for this season: the Amelie Top £69

I love the Breton’s from Baukjen (I have two) as the quality is gorgeous….thick cotton that doesn’t lose its shape and is warmer for those cooler autumnal days. If you worry about wearing a stripe on your top half as you have a full bust or you are broad shouldered, wear a jacket or long gilet/cardigan over the top that hangs properly so that you cut yourself in half from top to bottom; therefore creating a more flattering line and takes attention away from your bust/shoulders.

The Marte hoodie : £79

I love a hoodie and I particularly I love the colour of this one as it is more unusual and will work for those of you with light colouring. It will look great under jackets and blazers as it isn’t too bulky and since it doesn’t have a logo, it will feel smarter and more “grown up”. Here is some hoodie styling inspiration:

(images from Pinterest)

The Andrea Jumper: £99

A classic that will always be so useful. Great for those of you with dark or warm tones and would look great layered with the Arwen Blazer or with the new colour of the Kara Leather Jacket (£449). The v-neck works well if you have full bust as it creates a flattering “dividing” neckline. If you have a small bust you might want to put another top or a print underneath to bring some layering interest and therefore the impression of more shape.

Kara Leather Jacket (£449)You know how much I love the leather range at Baukjen, and this classic neautral colour addition is brillaint as it will go with so many items in your wardrobe. When an item is at a higher price point then you would be usually comfortable paying, you need to have a logical approach in order to help you to decide as to whether you can “afford” it. You would need to think through the amount of situations within your lifestyle you would be likely to wear it (school run, over a maxi dress, with a hoodie (!), dressing up a simple tee shirt and jeans…with a biker jacket the list is endless.) You then need to think of what is already in your wardrobe that you can wear it with it….here is some inspiration:

(images from Pinterest)

Going into Autumn/winter is the best time to be investing in leather pieces for your wardrobe and if you are interest to know- “leather” is a huge look for Autumn 2019 (however, I would put it out there that leather is ALWAYS going to be a staple- regardless of “what’s hot this season”…so you are safe to invest in it at any time!!)

I hope that gives you some inspiration….if you would like to buy anything- I have a discount code of “Kate20aw” that can be used on any full priced items.

If you have any questions /comments/feedback for me or the team at Baukjen- please let me know….we are all ears!

Take care

Kate x



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