Plugging the winter wardrobe gaps

Plugging the winter wardrobe gaps

Hello there and welcome to November’s blog on the new collection from Baukjen…lots of pieces that I feel have the ability to plug a fair few gaps you may have in your wardrobe for the coming season. I have picked my favourites and will of course give my advice, as I always do, as to whom they would suit so you can buy with confidence.

The Winter Coat:

Indra Recycled Wool Blend Coat

Indra recycled Woo Coat £219 (£186.15 with my discount code) 

It’s a beauty and would suit every colour group and most body shapes due to to the classic charcoal colour and the single breasted style. My only caveat is that it is quite long- so be careful if you are petite as it might swamp you a little. You could try sizing down to mitigate that though?


The Navy Blazer

Avery Blazer

Avery Blazer: £119 (£101.15 with my discount)

Such a great classic style…and a really good option if you have a fuller bust as the lack of lapels means there is less bulk in that area. It’s a slightly shorter style then their usual blazers too- so would work well if you are more on the petite side. A navy blazer is such a wardrobe staple- and suits every colour group so it’s a good investment buy.

The Winter Florals:

Arabella Dress with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Arabella Dress: £139 (£118.15 with my discount)

Florals in the winter are always tricky as the colour ways they come in often make them harder to wear with the “black tights and boots” scenario. However this option solves that as black tights and boots will go with it perfectly! Careful if you are bottom heavy though as this dropped waist style isn’t the most flattering style for you as it brings more bulk to the hip area. So if that’s the case but you still like the print…there is this option instead:

Arabella Wrap Top with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Arabella Wrap top: £79 (£67.15 with my discount)

Love the wrap style- brilliant if you have a defined waist. It would work for those of you with softer colouring due to the tones of cream, green and brown in it. There is a black background- which is usually a rubbish colour for those with soft colouring- but the other colours help to drown it it should be fine.

The Classic Sweatshirt:

Denver Organic Sweatshirt

Denver Organic Sweatshirt: £89 (£75.65 with my discount)

A navy leopard print sweatshirt…a brilliant alternative if the typical leopard print colours aren’t great for your colouring. And the print is subtle enough so it feels a more neutral option. A perfect “throw on” option for more casual days…why not layer it up with a denim jacket and a navy leather biker….?

Organic Denim Jacket

Organic Denim Jacket: £149 (£126.65 with my discount)

Kara Leather Jacket

Kara Leather Jacket: £449 (£381.65 with my discount)

I have had my Baukjen leather jacket for three years and it is still as good as new…such amazing quality, fit and feel- it SO soft!

The “shot of colour” top:

This is such an amazing colour for those of you with cool colouring- you will look incredible in it- so much so the rest of your outfit can be fairly low key to let the top do all the talking! Perfect for a Christmas drinks party where you bottom half is rarely noticed as everyone is standing up!


Pia Top: Magenta : £65 (£55.25 with my discount)

Or there is a cobalt blue alternative…this would work well for those of you with clear colouring…especially if your eyes are blue- they will seriously pop in this! The puff on the shoulder will work well if you are bottom heavy but be careful of the gathering on the bust if you have a full bust as this will only make it look bigger.


Pia Top: Cobalt Blue : £65 (£55.25 with my discount)

The Roll Neck:

A great colour for those of you with warmth and softness in your colouring- and would be especially great if you are tall due to the length.

Tamara Jumper

Tamara Jumper: £129 (£109.65 with my discount)

I love the styling of these in the image- leather trousers will help to make the jumper less classic and more edgy…and you can find them here:

Liv Leather Leggings

Liv Leather leggings in chocolate brown: £349 (£296.65 with my discount)

Hands down the best leather trousers I have- so comfy, so flattering, so practical…wipe clean- perfect for muddy dog walks as well as parties!!!

The “any time of day” dress

I love the print of this- and the colours would work well if you have warm, soft or deep colouring. However, the size of the print would make this a little tricky for those of you who are petite as it could be a bit too ‘distracting’ on you.

Skye Dress

Skye Dress: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

So another option could be to wear it in just a top so then there us less of it…

Skye Shirt

Skye Shirt: £69 (£58.65 with my discount)


If you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: KESTYLES15″ to get 15% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…

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Kate xxx