Patterned trousers…

Patterned trousers…

While I was on my travels around the country last week I was delighted to see that one of the venues I was presenting at was next door to a Gap Outlet…so once I had wrapped for the day, I hot-footed it over for a little browse!! Amongst an awful lot of sale/long unwanted items (so obvious as to why they end up in the Outlet…hideous, shapeless, bad quality items…its odd how a company like Gap can get it so right and then so very wrong!). Anyway- amongst the tat I found these beauties….

I have always shied away from printed trousers as I have never seen a print I liked enough to take the risk that they could make my already verging-on- the- slightly – bottom-heavy shape, look more-so. However…I felt these ones were ok- due to the cut and length. So I thought I would share “the theory” with you on “the patterned trouser conundrum” – (I know you will have spent many an hour pondering on it!!) as well as the caveats.

  1. They look best on ladies who are tall, or petite and slim.
  2. Your legs need to be long (in proportion to the rest of you). If you are short in the leg- wear high shoes or a wedge to compensate.
  3. Choose the right fabric for your shape and if your hips are larger than your top half – in other words you are a triangle shape, avoid them at all costs. You don’t want to bring attention to that area. The caveat here is that it does depend on how bottom heavy you are vs the length of your leg. I.e – you might be bottom-heavy, but if your legs are long enough and slim enough…you are going to get away with this- as long as the pattern isn’t too bold.
  4. Wear with simple items so that the trousers do all the talking.

I think that just about covers it…! Happy shopping! xx

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