Non-racewear Racewear!

Non-racewear Racewear!

So what do you wear to the races if you aren’t into tweed, fur and long leather boots? These staple styles are a much-loved uniform of racegoers to Cheltenham as they are practical and timeless. However, for some people they want a different look; possibly one that gives more of a nod to fashion and current trends as well items that can be worn in other situations apart from to cheer on the gee-gees!

Before you start making your wish list of what to buy there are defiantly some major practical elements you have to take into consideration if you are going to enjoy your day at the races.

  1. At Cheltenham Racecourse it is usually about 10 degrees colder than other areas of the country! The racecourse is located at the bottom of the hill and is exposed- so be prepared to wear thermals and warm clothes!
  2. You will be on your feet a lot – either walking to/from the course from Cheltenham town centre and around the racecourse areas itself.
  3. People make an effort with their outfits- in all their different styles. So go prepared to err on the smarter side of fashion.

With these practical considerations in mind I feel my outfit comes down to 4 key elements:

THERMALS – essential so you don’t have to go dressed in a massive puffa jacket in order to keep the cold out. They are easy to get hold of at all the usual places- M&S, John Lewis, Amazon,

A STUNNING COAT – this is what people are going to see most of. Unless you are going into the hospitality areas- you are unlikely to take it off the entire day. So you need to make it a good one. Here are a few of my favourite brands I show to clients when coat shopping:


Christie Collarless Coat

An amazing colour for those of you with dark, warm colouring…mustard is a colour to wear to show confidence! Seeing as its collarless it lends itself to being able to wear a fabulous scarf or fur collar with it to keep out the chill. It would look amazing both at the races, out for lunch or worn casually with jeans so you know you could get your monies worth out if it.


I love the simplicity of this coat and its definitely a style that doesn’t scream “races” so it would be great if you want to be able to wear it for lots of different occasions. It’s a boxy style so would be good for those of your who are bottom heavy as it will make your top half look bigger.

Double Face Kimono Jacket:


Miranda Dunn

Miranda is an independent designer who makes THE most amazing faux fur coats. They are SO warm- it is like you are wrapped in a fur rug! They are stunning and so well made so will last for years. I would wear mine with some skinny leather trousers and cropped ankle boots to finish off the look, but it would work equally well over a silk tea dress as it is so warm.


Long Leopard Coat



I love the style of these coats as they are cut beautifully and offer a real timeless elegance. The range comes in a classic tweed check but they also cut in plain fabrics too – so for those of you who want the cut but without the traditional tweed check- these are a great option. If you chose plain, the end wear options are much broader as the look is more versatile. I just love this full-length navy version:

Tweed Trench Coat



I’m thinking big rings, a great hat and a statement bag…all of these items will dress up a classic outfit and make it feel more currant.

Cotton and Gems have a fabulous range of different jewellery brands to chose from…I love these styles:

Coloured Lobster Earings


Black and Sigi Neptune Ring

The rest of your outfit could be really simple so that you let the earrings or your ring do all the talking!

A good hat is a must and these ones from Miler and Drake offer a real splash of colour with a pom-pom or two!

Fedora: £85


A Statement bag is also another style option to help you feel fully dressed…

Meg and Bee let you chose your bag and strap- meaning you can make as much or as little statement as you want!

Meg and Bee

Or you could go more delicate and neutral if the rest of your outfit is doing the talking. This one is from Anthropology.

Footwear is really down to preference- heals or flats, tall or short, warm or drafty!!

I love anything from Keith Scarrott– they make the BEST knee-high boots for slim or fuller calves and their ankle boots pack a serious amount of personality.

How fabulous are these Prozzolo Boots – currently in the sale…so grab them quick!

Tuscan Chelsea boot

Classic but updated with the snakeskin texture….so useful and also in the sale!

Frizante – these were made to make a statement….a stunning colour and such a flattering style due to the pointed toes- always helps to make your legs look longer!

I hope that has given you some inspiration of colours that are great for the season as well as ideas for race-outfit purchases that can be worn to many different occasions, therefore, giving more value for money!


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