New accessory line at Baukjen!

New accessory line at Baukjen!

Hello and welcome to October’s Baukjen blog (not sure how I am writing October- feels very weird…how are we were *there* already?!!)

There are so many gorgeous pieces out this month it was quite hard to pick just a few! However, knowing me as you do- I won’t be stuck for words for long; so I am just going to dive right and start by telling you about their accessories!

Baukjen did a line of accessories last year….simple, elegant, timeless – the usual standard you would expect from the design team; and they have done it again this season.

Amelie Necklace: the perfect layering necklace as it is shorter and takes up that space above usual necklace lengths. The gold metal works for those of you with a warm skin tone and the fact it is hammered makes it catch the light that little bit more…gorgeous!

Amelie Necklace: £39 (£31.20 with my discount)

Fleur Necklace: The perfect “layering” accompaniment to the Amelie as the hammered gold detail is continued but just in one piece. Layer them up over a top and your whole “look” will become more put together.

Fleur Necklace: £29 (£23.20 with my discount)

Claudette Earrings: If you wanted to go all out you could get the matching earrings too!! I love these- a statement earing but since the design is quite simple they don’t “shout” too much. Careful of scale though- if you are petite these might just be a wee bit too big for you and will be quite distracting to your look; they will work better for those of you 5ft 7″ and above as there is more of you to balance them.

Claudette Earrings: £45 (£36 with my discount)

Now onto the clothes. I have picked items I get asked about the most, from either what I wear or advice about what could “solve” body challenges.

Erica Roll Neck: The perfect grey chucky roll neck. I got one years ago and every time I wear it- I get asked about it. It was from a small independent shop, now closed, so I can never direct people to be able to get their own…until now! This one is so similar – such a wearable style and a great neutral for all colour groups (except if you have really warm/ red hair as its a bit too cool for you – in the colour sense-not the fashion!!!) Great with a skirt as it’s not too bulky to tuck in a bit to keep its rough shape (as per the picture), but equally you could wear it under a jacket, with turn up jeans and heeled boots to go to the pub in. A really useful staple item.

Erica Roll Neck: £139 (£111.20 with my discount)

Merell Top: Quite simply one of the best necklines for those of you with a full bust. The weight of this fabric will also mean it is not too clingy and I love the cuff detail- this will bring your eye to your hips (as your arms hang by your side) so will work well for taking attention away from your top half and onto your lower half. It might feel a lot to spend in a top- but the quality and its style mean you will be able to get plenty of wear out of this.

Merell Top: £79 (£63.20 with my discount)

Everyday Biker: There is new colour in town…. Forrest Green….! This will be great for those of you with red hair who find it really hard to find a leather jacket that suits you (as most of them are black and that colour is never going to be your friend). It will also work well for those of you with mid brown / dark blond / blond and dark brown hair. It also had the gold metal work so is perfect for those of you who want this warmer tone as it works better for your skin tone then silver would. I cannot praise Baukjen’s leather pieces enough…great quality which makes the investment that bit easier to adjust to! Every time I wear mine people stop to ask me if they can stroke me (!!) THAT is how soft the leather is!

Every day Biker: £399 (£319.20 with my discount)

Joelle Top: This is in a “soft white” which is a colour that is almost always impossible to find, but suits so many; which makes it very exciting when you do find a great example! This works for all of you except those with very “clear” colouring (dark hair, pale skin and very bright eyes) . A great top to wear on its own or underneath jacket for work and the elegant neckline and the cuff detail make it that bit more interesting.  A brilliant, timeless piece that will be so useful.


I hope all that advice helps? If you would like to use my discount code it is “Kate20aw” which gets you 20% off full priced items…do share with all your friends!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen- please do let me know…



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Kate x


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