Neutral glory…

Neutral glory…

Hello and how are we all? I have had a little break and am now back fighting fit ready to guide you round the latest Baujken collection- released a few weeks ago. I am delighted that they still want to work with me- so I am here again for the next six months showing you all the pieces that catch my eye and giving you the full lowdown as to who they would suit as well as giving you the heads up if they just won’t love you as much as you love them!

This month I am soaking up all the neutral loveliness – something that Baukjen does just brilliantly. One of the main reasons I love their collections so much, time and time again is that they are timeless. So the price point might make you pause for a moment – these are not pieces to by on a whim- but always consider how long they will last for, how many pieces in your wardrobe you can wear them with, how you can dress them up and down to get different looks out of them and most importantly, the ethics and sourcing that has gone on behind the scenes to make the manufacturing process as sustainable as possible.

So- here goes…I hope you like my picks!

Gorgeous jeans- so flattering and leg lengthening. Careful if you are bottom heavy or hold weight on the top of your legs/hips as the pocket detail here will draw attention to that. Make sure you wear with the right shows- the trousers should sit 1/2 cm off the floor with shoes on!


Lou Organic Jean

Lou Organic Jeans : £109 (£92.65 with my discount)

The shirt they have put them with deserves a big mention. Such pretty detailing- the puff sleeve is becoming a signature style of the brand and is so flattering and wearable for so many body shapes. The only body shape I would advise to avoid this would be the inverted triangles (where the shoulders are wider then the hips) as it will only exacerbate this. This would be just as lovely to wear for work as it would with some white jeans and wedges for a BBQ…great for all those of you with light, cool colouring too.

Melie Blouse with TENCEL™

Melie Blouse: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

Here is the style again in a slightly less romantic style due to classic buttons and less ruffle on the sleeves. I have this and I can promise you it is just gorgeous – great quality and fit (I got size 14 and it is perfect).

Ryleigh Organic Cotton Shirt

Ryleigh Cotton Shirt: £109 (£92.65 with my discount)

The Baujken white shirts are the best I have found at this price point and I promise you- I have a rather large white shirt obsession so I feel I am pretty well placed to make this statement! This one is long and “boyfriend” in style…therefore meaning a little more relaxed and straight cut. Possibly avoid if you are petite and/or hourglass in shape …unless you try sizing down if you really like this style…but I feel you would then be losing the point of why it has been cut this way?

Caitly Organic Shirt

Caitly Organic Shirt: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

So gorgeously French! I love this colourway of the breton- such a great option of you are soft in colouring…and the jeans are VERY comfortable. I wear mine all the time and I can vouch for the fact they are longer in the leg then other Baukjen styles (which I am loving!) They are a relaxed fit but not so relaxed they swamp smaller frames…so these could be a good option if you are petite and want to try them out.

The Organic Boyfriend Jean

The Organic Boyfriend jean: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

Ashley Organic Cotton Top

Ashley Organic Top: £65 (£55.25 with my discount)

These cargo pants are such great quality- I have a pair and they fit brilliantly and feel like they will last years. Careful again with the hip pockets if you are bottom heavy. They come in navy too and are such a useful edition to your wardrobe if you want an alternative to jeans.

Oralie Organic Cargo Pant

Oralie Cargo Pant: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

Having said I was focusing on neutrals I am then breaking this by including this stunning dress- I just love the print and I couldn’t resist wafting it in front of you all  (I have included the top version of this below in case you prefer that style). An easy style for hourglasses and those of you with clear and cool colouring …you lucky things- I feel very envious you get to wear this!!

Aabriella Dress with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Aabriella Dress £169 (£143.65 with my discount)

Freya Blouse with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Freya Blouse: £109 (£92.65 with my discount)

If you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: KATEEVANS15″ to get 15% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…

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Kate xxx