My podcasting debut!

My podcasting debut!

Hello! Just a quick one to let you all know that a few weeks ago I was interviewed by the fabulous Michelle Reeves (who is a fellow coach in my networking group DiscovHer) for her “Ideal Life” Podcast.

Here is the blurb to tell you more about it:

“Today I’m joined by one of the loveliest and wisest women I’ve had the pleasure to meet over the past year. Kate Evans @kateevansstyle is an image consultant and life coach with over 14 years experience helping her clients to look, feel and be the most confident and effective version of themselves.

Following a background in teaching and interior design, Kate had her colours done and loved having a plan to work with when she was choosing her clothes – knowing what styles and colours suited her made shopping for outfits so much easier. In fact she loved it so much she trained as an image consultant.

In our interview you’ll hear how, following a personal crisis in her family, Kate had to accelerate her business way faster than she was expecting to and is now booked out months in advance.

You’ll hear her personal rant about fashion influencers, and if you’re someone who’s interested in diversifying your income and pivoting into different channels you will love listening to Kate share how as well as working with one to one clients she now runs an online membership program for people who want instant help and advice.

You’ll also hear about the six daily habits and practices Kate uses to keep herself productive while working from home. And of course I had to take the opportunity to pick Kate’s brain for her top tips to overcome the challenges we, as business owners, have dressing to represent our brands… she has some great advice you don’t want to miss here!”


If you would like to listen click on this link.  I hope you enjoy it!


Kate x