My most popular top tips!

My most popular top tips!

Hello- I thought in these times of stopping, taking stock, sorting out our drawers and getting a few errant ducks in a row it might be helpful if I shared some of my favourite “top tips” with you so that you can use the bite-sized pieces of information and hopefully start to incorporate them into your daily outfit choices.

However, as I started to compile them I suddenly had a brainwave that it might be more helpful/interesting if I asked the members of my “Grow your Style Confidence” group what they felt were the best top tips they had learnt from being part of the group, watching my videos and being able to ask me direct questions. Everyone learns in different ways – different tips appeal to different people and tips that I might think are real crackers might not resonate but others might have completely blown their minds!! So here are their favourite nuggets of information learnt from me over the past few months.…I have added my comments underneath the tips to add more detail if necessary…I hope you find some that help you!

Caroline: Learning what style personality I aspire to be (city chic) vs what I incline towards if unchecked (classic) has been the lightbulb moment for me.

Yes- if you know you want to shift your style in a new direction you have to know what it looks you like to keep yourself focussed on that, otherwise you will revert back to what you have been going for in the past and you’ll never move forward.

Jo: Thinking about how you can wear an item 3 ways before you buy it.

Whenever you are about to buy something- think of three other items in your wardrobe you can wear it with to ensure you will get the wear out of it.

Rowena: I have three! Remembering that you can get a pop of colour through accessories and nail varnish and the importance of using lipstick to brighten things up. I also thought age would come into Kate’s recommendations of styles… not once has she or anyone said what age they are (when talking in the Facebook group) when they ask for opinions or advice. Age really is just a number! So is size! It’s the colour, style and fit that are important!

I rarely talk about age with clients because most of the time I think it is totally irrelevant to what looks good on you. I focus on your personality, your colouring, your shape, your lifestyle…age might come into it at some point but its certainly not a key factor at all.

Sian: What has made such a difference for me is learning my body shape and then realising why I don’t look great in certain outfits. I really feel so much more love towards my shape now (hourglass) than I ever have before. I know how to dress it and don’t need to hide it. It is empowering actually. Kate has helped me through her style group to see I am ok as I am rather than thinking I need to change myself. It’s not your size at all, its about your shape and dressing for it.

Self acceptance is a huge thing and to one way to achieve it is to feel confident in how we look. Once you can understand the logic of why something works for and why something else doesn’t, it will bring you clarity and therefore the confidence will follow after as you know what to do.

Kay: Find out what styles/shapes/fabric suits the ‘problem’ bits of the body…. and make sure you have those right.

We all have problem areas…but once you know how to dress them- the problem doesn’t seem so big any more.

Nikki: If you are tempted to purchase something, put it in the basket or take a photo of it. Review it in a couple of days. Half the time (at least) you will realise it was an impulse buy or wouldn’t suit your body shape or colouring and you can happily walk away. Saves a fortune!

Wendy: I really like your tip about taking a breath before you buy something on line and pinning it to a board on Pinterest and then revisiting in a few days to make sure you need it (and that it fits with other items you already have)! I’m a big one for impulse buying especially when promotional emails or catalogues come through so this is a really useful practical tip. This has already saved me money as well as helping me to make some fabulous but more considered purchases. As ever – THANK YOU xx

If you are an impulsive shopper or someone who is attracted to colour, texture and creative design…you will be often tempted and could well end up with a wardrobe of one hit wonders with nothing going together to create an outfit. Stopping and pausing will help you to be more considered in what you are buying.

Caroline P: For me it’s realising that it’s ok if a certain trend or look just doesn’t work for me. It’s just not for me and that’s ok. For example, I asked about dungarees in the last Q&A. Basically they won’t suit my body shape so instead of spending time and effort trying loads now and feeling bad when I look rubbish in them I can just focus more on looks that do work!!

It is disappointing when we realise something doesn’t suit us…but without wanting to sound harsh- that’ s life! Spend the energy focussing on what does work for you and feeling good in that!

Clare: A big one for me has been not to buy anything unless I absolutely LOVE it when I try it on. If it’s just ‘ok’ I’ve realised I probably won’t ever wear it! Saving money and only having clothes I love and really suit me is a big win!

Yes- raising your standards is a big point I always try to get across to my clients and members. Why settle for a “meah” item…wait for something fabulous instead!

Ella: Understanding your body shape and accepting that some things just won’t work for you, and that that’s ok. Also scale, I had never really considered the size of the print on an item of clothing in relation to my height. It seems so obvious now!!

It’s a detail that is so often overlooked but if you get it wrong it can really “jar” the outfit.

JO S: I have found that by sorting through my wardrobe after watching your videos I now understand why I love wearing certain items and why I love the look of some of my clothes on the hanger but have never felt wonderful in them. Understanding my body shape goes hand in hand with feeling fabulous! It has given me the confidence to have a brutal clear out and recycle items that I get out each season year on year but stay in the wardrobe never to be worn.

Having a wardrobe that works for you saves you so much time and stress. It means that every time you open it – its like you are arriving at a party and see all your friends there- you are so excited to see everything and its hard to chose what to put on first!

Maeve: I think that wearing the right colours make a huge difference to your complexion. I now know what colours suit me and Kate’s tip of wearing your correct colours close to your face means that I can still keep and wear some items in my wardrobe that are not the right colour for me.

Yes- don’t feel you have to get rid of every bad colour in your wardrobe! If you can get a better coloured item between you and the colour- like a necklace or scarf, then the problem is solved!

Emily: Learning that each item needs to be part of a bigger family!

If you want you wardrobe to “connect” there has to be a common theme in colour and style choices so that you can get much more wear out of everything. This doesn’t mean it all looks the same- it just adheres to a loose “family”

Linda: Having gone through a number of changes due mostly to menopause, I’ve learnt to show off my best bits from waist up (and knees down 😂) To make sure that my wardrobe has enough basics to pull everything together. No more one hit wonders for me!

One hit wonders kill a wardrobe…its the equivalent of having a friendship group all filled with massive personalities. Any occasion will be hard to make work as everyone is wanting to play centre stage and they can’t!!

Liz: I’ve had a massive clear out and I realise I have nice clothes just need to buy more accessories / shoes to feel more put together. My new motto: Buy less, wear more.

I am always waxing lyrical that it’s not about having lots of items it’s about getting lots of wear out of few items and accessories are the best way to achieve this.

Kim: Avoid long necklaces if you have a full bust- they will draw attention to this area rather then distract -they bounce and are REALLLLY annoying!!! 👍🏼👍🏼😊

Perfectly summarised!!

Bridget: A simple but amazing realisation for me was re body shape. I am an hourglass. Suddenly I have realised that straight bodies need straight clothes and curvy bodies need curvy clothes! That is why straight shift dresses look rubbish on me (tight boobs/hips, baggy waist). I need soft flowy clothes. Defo lightbulb moment!! Xx

My work here is done!!

Sian: I think this stuff should be taught in schools lol. Part of self esteem and loving yourself lessons.

I couldn’t agree more…I’ll get in touch with Boris after Corona virus is over to suggest it to him!!

I hope you have found this helpful...let me know which was your favourite tip here!

I love seeing all the comments coming in from the members of my group on a daily basis of the wins they are getting on outfits that are now working for them, money they are saving from not making mistakes and a self esteem that is finally getting boosted as they feel good about themselves. If you would like to find out more about the membership, what’s included and how it could help you- click on this link. 

Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Kate x