My colour guide for Baukjen’s Summer Collection

My colour guide for Baukjen’s Summer Collection

Hello and I hope you have had a good week…welcome to Friday night!!

I thought I would take you through the collection with some specific guidance on colour so you can have the confidence to possibly chose something you might not have done in the past as you weren’t sure if it was “your colour”. The reason it is so important to understand your colour category is because of the following:

1. The right colour will help to create some connection between your head and your body as the colours you wear should be similar. Ie if you have dark colouring- you could describe it as “rich, deep and strong”…therefore the colours you wear should be “rich, deep and strong”.

2. The right colours will also help you to look really well and “light you up and give you huge confidence.

3. If you wear the wrong colours, there will be disconnect between your head and body and your head will look like a lollipop stuck on top of your body

4. The wrong colours can also make you look ill as the colour will be reflecting the wrong kind of light against your skin tone or jarring against your colouring.

There are six colour categories you can belong to – so have laid them out below with a selection of three pieces form the collection that would work for you if you are in that category…I hope it gives you some new inspiration!


The Light palette is categorised by fair hair and blonde eyelashes, light eyes and a peachy or porcelain skin tone.

My advice: Stick to light to mid-depth shades close to the face – black can be quite draining and can make your head look “lollipop-like” as there is nothing on your head that is black- so you get disconnect.  Reece Witherspoon is a great example of a “Light”

These colours will work well for you:


Christy Jumper: £125 (£100 with my discount)

Athena Dress

Athena Dress:£149 (£119.20 with my discount)

Kara Leather Jacket

Kara Leather Jacket:£449 (£359.20 with my discount)


DEEP: If you have strong, rich colouring, with dark eyes and hair, you’ll find the colours of the Deep palette flattering on you. 

Not only can you carry off black, you can wear it head to toe! Experiment with other deep shades likes navy, dark red and jewel green too.

These colours will work well for you:

Sylvie Dress

Sylvie Dress: £115 (£92 with my discount)

Marnie Top

Marnie Top £55 (£44 with my discount)

Kara Leather Jacket

Kara Leather Jacket:£449 £359.20 with my discount)

COOL: A Cool palette is defined by ashy tones in your hair, pink-based skin and cool colouring. Anything too warm or golden close to your face could make you look sallow or washed out, so pick blue and pink-based colours instead to really make you light up and be much more flattering.

These colours will work well for you:

Opal Dress: £145 (£116.80 with my discount)

Hempton Top

Hempton Top: £65 (£52 with my discount)

Tyra Blazer

Tyra Blazer: £199 (£159 with my discount)

WARM: Red-heads, strawberry blondes and those with auburn hair and a golden glow (often with freckles) look great in a Warm palette. Yellow-based and earthy tones will work best for you. Avoid blue-based tones and black close to the face.

These colours will work well for you:

Indiana Ruffle Dress: £119 (£92 with my discount)

Issy Dress:£139 (£111.20 with my discount)

Delilah Blazer

Delilah Blazer: £229 (£183.20 with my discount)

CLEAR: With amazing bright eyes that really stand out against your skin and darker hair – contrast between shades is key. A classic black (or navy) and white Breton stripe is a great example of this. 

These colours will work well for you:

Ianthe Dress: £119 (£92 with my discount)

Mirren Top: £65 (£52 with my discount)

Maggie Crew Neck: £99 (£79 with my discount)

SOFT: If you have a lovely muted look, often with highlighted hair, soft hazel or mid-depth eyes, and a skin tone that ‘blends’ with your other features, then a Soft palette will work perfectly on you. A tonal look with colours just one or two shades apart look great. 

I hope that gives you some inspirational starting points – if you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: KATE20SS to get 20% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…


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Take good care and have a good a weekend as you can right now!

Kate x