My Bodega Womanswear Autumn Picks

My Bodega Womanswear Autumn Picks

Hello! If you follow me on social media (Instagram and Facebook) you will have seen the videos I do for Bodega Womenswear (based in Cheltenham and Worcester) every few months. I try on pieces from their collection that I really like and give lots of ideas as to who the item would suit, styling ideas and pointers. However- I appreciate that some you might not get to see these so I have collated a few of my favourite picks and put them in this blog.

Starting with coats…I thought these two were great- really wearable and timeless…

Bodega Leather Jacket: £285

This mandarin collar style is great if you have a shorter neck as it’s neat and not going to make you look like you are drowning in collars! If you have a full bust- you need to make sure you can do the jacket up even if you aren’t going to wear it done up- it will just ensure that it sits properly. This style is fitted and will look great over a waisted dress or skirt…it is also a brilliant option for those whom black is not the idea colour!

Yaya Faux fur Leopard Print Coat £195

This coat is a great style as it is single breasted so flattering for so many body shapes. I always advise to get your coats in a neutral colour but since this print is made up of neutral colours- it will still work and enable you to have lots of flexibility. I am a particular fan of teal and leopard print- (watch out for a post I will be doing about this combination soon!) but bright red also looks great with this print. Wear for work or play- it will be a brilliant investment piece and I can vouch for the fact it is super-soft!


Moss Green Smoking Jersey Blazer: £149.95

This jacket is so flattering as the fabric “gives” slightly so it bends around curves and is super-soft. The fabric has a slight herringbone print and this colour is great for all of you with a warm skin tone and have lighter colouring. It is a longer style so will work for you taller ladies. Perfect for work or for wearing at the weekend with jeans and trainers- it is a properly versatile jacket!

The Alex Jeans : £59.99

I now do not wear any of my other jeans…I just wear these ones! They are so comfy, so soft, fit brilliantly and have some great detailing such as the seams on the legs and zips on the bottom. They look very creased when you first put them on but these fall out and you are left with the jeans of dreams!

Yaya Cupro Top with Lace £59.95

The perfect top for wearing under a jacket for work, with a skirt at the weekend or with some jeans and heals for a night out. So flattering with the cap sleeves as these give the appearance of broadening you at the shoulder. Super-flattering colour too as softer on the skin tone then straight black.


Trumpet Sleeve Dress £89.95

I love the colour of this dress- looks great with gold or pearl accessories if you have a warm skin tone…and silver if you have a cooler skin tone. The sleeves are a lovely detail – just be careful though if you are bottom heavy as these will draw attention to your hips. As usual the end wear of this has lots of options- wear for work, a Christmas party, a Christening…you will be elegant and beautifully dressed for all occasions!


If you haven’t been to Bodega- I would really recommend a trip- it’s a great shop with wearable clothes, brilliant customer service and a collection that works together so well therefore giving you lots of inspiration. I hope this blog has given you a few pointers; if you want to order anything use the code “Katefree” at checkout to get free postage. If you go into store to buy- mention me and you’ll get a free scarf!


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