My Baukjen picks by body shape

My Baukjen picks by body shape

Hello!! I hope you have had a good week and are currently sitting with a cool drink after a sweltering day!! Today I am back with more picks from the collection at Baukjen but for this blog I thought it might be helpful to create entire outfits for different body shapes so you can see my advice “as a whole”…I hope you find them helpful.

Bottom Heavy…


These three items would also be a great combination. The Christobel top brings wonderful breadth to the shoulders with the wide neckline…coupled with the flared bootleg jeans which will balance your hips your they are doing all the right things in all the right places. For an extra layer the biker jacket will bring more weight to your top half and you know how much I love the Baukjen leather jackets…they are just the BEST!

Christobel Ecovero™ TopEveryday Leather Biker JacketSofie Organic Jean

Christobel Top:£47.20 with my discount

Everyday Leather Biker Jacket: £319.20 with my discount

Sofie Organic Jeans: £79 with my discount


Estelle Ecovero™ Top


Estelle Top: £55.20 with my discount

Erika Wide Leg Trouser: £95.20 with my discount

I didn’t need to “pull” this outfit together- the fabulous styling team did it all for me so I thought I would include it as well! It works brilliantly for those of you who are bottom heavy as the top brings lots of breadth to your top half with the puff/gathers on the shoulders and the trousers are super soft, fluid and won’t add any bulk to your hips…a win win situation!!

Top Heavy…

The Marisa top is simple, uncluttered and has a really narrow neckline which is ideal if your shoulders are broad. Put the necklace with it and your attention is taken down the middle rather then out to your shoulders. If you are top heavy you will usually have a smaller bottom/hips which is great but it can add to the your shoulders getting all the attention! Therefore, these trousers with the stiffer fabric and pockets on the hips will help to bring a little more defined shape and interest to that area. An outfit you could wear casually with a relaxed boyfriend jacket and trainers or dress it up with some block heels or wedges.

Marisa TopOralie Cargo PantFleur Necklace

Marisa Top: £55.20 with my discount

Oralie Cargo Pant: £79.20 with my discount

Fleur Necklace: £23.20 with my discount


Neat Hourglass…

This top is so pretty- so Liberty-esque!! The smaller print will work well for you if you are on the petite side…keep it neat and you could do a French tuck into the boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are usually pretty bulky…but these ones aren’t so they are just a great alternative if you are a bit fed up with skinnies. Take your usual size or size down if you are petite and they will be a great “relaxed” option for you. Here I have also included the Kara leather jacket….as it is a great option if you have soft colouring since it’s in the navy with the gold metal work. The colours of this outfit work brilliantly together and will show your shape in a more laid back way.

Camila Ecovero™ Top The Organic Boyfriend Jean

Camila Top: £55.20 with my discount

Kara Leather Jacket: £359.20 with my discount

Organic Boyfriend Jeans: £79.20 with my discount

Undefined Waist:

The Ida blouse is brilliant if you don’t have a defined waist as the ties bring the attention into the middle. Additional to this is the fact it isn’t cut with waist detail- the lines float on past so no-one will notice that you aren’t “going in” in that area!. Put with the Liv Leather leggings (which are THE most conformable leggings I have ever had; totally worth the price tag as I have had mine for two years and worn them non stop and they are still perfect…so price per wear is amazing) all the attention is taken to your legs, so again, distracting from the lack of waist. The earrings just add a bit of sophistication to the outfit!


Ida Ecovero™ BlouseLiv Leather LeggingsEloise Earrings

Ida Blouse: £63.20 with my discount

Liv Leather Leggings: £279.20 with my discount

Eloise Earrings: £36 with my discount


I hope that gives you some inspirational starting points – if you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: “KATE20″ to get 20% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…


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Kate x