My Baukjen Picks # 1

My Baukjen Picks # 1

(I have to start this blog by letting you know that if you haven’t read my previous blog called “A Small Jump for Joy” you need to before you read this one as it gives you the background as to why I am so excited to be writing this blog!)

I want to start off by telling you why I like Baukjen so much and why I recommend them to my clients.

Firstly, their styles are timeless and classic, but always have a detail, a twist or something noticeable about them, but not in a “shouty” way. This means they can be in your wardrobe for a long time- delivering again and again in elegance and simplicity. I know this as I have Baukjen items in my wardrobe from 4 years ago and they are just as brilliant as  the day I bought them.

Secondly, they are good quality. You might look at one of their classic tee shirts or jumpers and feel they are at a slightly higher price point,  but I promise you – this price point ensures they won’t then lose their shape, they will wash well and they will last. As a wise friend once said to me “Buy cheep, buy twice” and in these times of not wanting to add to fast fashion or wasting clothes- it makes sense to me to buy less, but better quality.

Thirdly, they design with a small colour pallet of mainly black, white, navy and claret- with a few simple prints thrown in. All great neutrals and allows the customer to build a very wearable capsule collection – therefore giving maximum wear.

And lastly, they care about their customers and want to provide a “value added” service to them. You know this by the fact they are working with people like me who can help you to make the right choices from their collections and therefore feel great in their clothes.

Now I have clarified that- let me take you through some of my favourite picks from this month’s new “drop”  (brands release collections month by month through the season….so I will be going through October’s, November’s and December’s drops over the next three months to help you to navigate them!)

1. The classic black jacket:

The Annie Jacket: £189.00

Why I love it:

  • It’s cropped
  • Got a puff on the shoulder
  • Is neat and cut into the waist

Who this will work for:

  • Those of you who are more petite as it is cropped
  • Those of you who are bottom heavy as the puff on the shoulder will give illusion of breadth at the shoulders
  • If you have waisted skirt or a dress and want a jacket to go over the top this style will keep your hourglass silhouette in tact by the way it is cut.

What do you need to watch out for:

  • If black isn’t a great colour for you- wear a colour that’s better for you underneath it or in a necklace or chiffon scarf tied at the neck so the black isn’t right next to your face. Black works best for those of your with dark colouring as it is a dark colour and will therefore provide balance and a link between head and body. If you don’t have dark colouring your but still war black your head can look like a lollipop juts stuck on top of your body with not connection.
  • If you are tall- you can wear this over waisted dresses and skirts…but you could also wear it with a long top underneath; just make sure what you are wearing underneath is still relatively fitted so you don’t lose your shape

2. The classic navy top:


Elena Top: £89

Why I love it:

  • It’s elegant and chic
  • It’s timeless
  • It creates volume up top

Who this will work for:

  • If you are bottom heavy- this top will work well at helping you “build up” your top half by the balloon sleeves and gathered neckline
  • It black isn’t the best colour for you but you want to wear a dark neutral- navy is a great option as it is softer and less intense then black.

What do you need to watch our for:

  • If you are petite- the volume of fabric in this top might overwhelm your frame and swamp you…so possibly size down to prevent this.
  • If you are top heavy- either by your shoulders or bust, the volume and gathering of fabric will accentuate this- so it won’t be so flattering
  • Make sure your neck is long enough so the collar stands up properly

3. The classic black dress

The Cora Dress: £119

Why I love it:

  • So useful- so many end wear possibilities – parties, work dos, with wedges at a summer party
  • Very flattering cut and the fabric drapes beautifully around your curves
  • Will be a real go- to “friend” in your wardrobe to help you out of many occasions!

Who it will work for:

  • If you have a defined waist
  • If you are bottom-heavy as the sleeves will balance your hips
  • If you are top heavy as the V-neck will help to cut you from top to bottom – I would wear with a long necklace to add to this illusion.

What to watch out for:

  • If black doesn’t suit you so well- wear with a coloured necklace or wrap in a better colour that’s next to your face
  • If you have a full bust- make sure the sleeves are finishing above or below the bust line- otherwise it will make your bust look broader.
  • Wear the dress with heels as it is a midi length so can make legs look shorter otherwise.


My next picks are all featured in my Instagram stories- which you can watch here from clicking on this link to my Instagram page – and going to the  “Baukjen” highlights to watch videos. I am wearing each item and talking through why I like it – giving different styling ideas and things to watch out for…

4. The classic navy batwing tee shirt

The Winona Top: £59.95


5. The check trousers

The Mallory Cigarette Pant: £129.00


6.The simple grey batwing top

Clea Top: £59.00


7. The gold necklace

The Madeline Necklace £25.00


I really hope these ideas have helped and given you a bit more direction as to who the different styles would suit. If you would like to buy anything- please use the code “KE20” which gives you 20% off and can only be used on full price items only. It will be available until 31st December 2018. Please pass the code onto anyone who you think would appreciate it as the more it is used, the more it endorses my point that customers want more blogs like this one which gives them real help in knowing which pieces to chose ad which won’t work so well for them.

I would like to point out that I do not benefit in any way from the amount the code is used-as  I DO NOT WORK ON COMMSION.  I feel commission  clouds the relationship I have with my clients and followers as I want you to know I only recommend items and brands who I believe in- not because I am profiting from the sale of them. I am paid a set fee per blog to give my professional advice on their collection and that is it.

Any feedback always welcome!

Have a lovely weekend…

Kate x

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