Making considered decisions

Making considered decisions

Hello and welcome to my first Baukjen blog of the year…showcasing their brand- spanking-new collection which is filled to the brim with choice for all shapes, sizes, colourings and personalities! At this time of year, with the whole “new year, new you” mantra that resonates all around us, it can be a good time to have a bit of a mid-winter clear out of your wardrobe. I did a blog about this a few weeks ago designed not to overwhelm but rather give bite sized advice so that it all felt manageable….if you didn’t receive it and would like to subscribe to my blogs you can leave your details here. Anyway…with the proviso that you may well be needing to fill a few of the gaps you created I have written this blog with items that I feel will deliver:

  1. Longevity (so could be worn in other seasons apart from winter)
  2. Flexibility – can be worn with lots of other items so price per wear makes the item more “affordable”

I am starting with the Ailsa recycled wool jumper in “light chambray” as this colour is universally flattering no matter what your colouring is! In the colour pallets I use it is called “light periwinkle” and it brings joy at any time of year…but especially in the summer as your skin takes on a little colour from the sun. I love the fact that this is a little longer so if you are feeling self conscious about your bum it will cover it nicely. However- if you decide to do this please make sure that your trousers are narrow and neat so you bring shape to that area instead…!

Ailsa Recycled Wool Jumper

Ailsa Recycled Wool Jumper: £119 (£101.15 with my discount)

The same jumper in “daffodil”…I LOVE this colour- who could fail to feel happy when wearing it! Sadly though it wouldn’t suit me …it will only work for you if you have strong, red toned hair or very dark colouring with a warm skin tone…!

For either colour they will be equally useful chucked on over a pair of leggings and long boots in the winter or dressed up with some leather skinnies and heals for supper out. A great splash of colour for minimal effort!

Ailsa Recycled Wool Jumper

Ailsa Recycled Wool Jumper – in Daffodil

A mac is an absolute must going into spring and if you don’t already have one – this is a great option. They make whatever you are wearing underneath look smarter, you can wear then over suits to keep you dry and can be dressed down at the weekends with jeans and a cashmere jumper. I loved the checks as, if you are like me and tend to go for fairly plain, natural clothes- this brings a bit of interest to your neutrals. The colours of this would work better for you if you had stronger, clearer colouring…it would also work well if you were cool in colouring too.

Ashbury Upcycled Mac

Ashbury Upcycled Mac: £279 (£237.15 with my discount)

This top fills the gap of “I want something easy and pretty with minimum effort”…for the times you are seeing friends for a casual supper on a Friday night or going to the cinema and having a drink first…something that adds interest but doesn’t require too much thought! The key to being able to wear this top at this time of year is making sure you have a few cardigan/jacket options to go with it  Consider your colouring when choosing which colours of the top to bring out in your jacket/cardy…if you are lighter in colouring perhaps pair it with a light pink jacket, if you are warmer, bring out the red and if you are darker, bring out the navy. I would avoid this top if you are cool and soft in colouring as it is too clear and warm for you!

Eloisa FSC Viscose Blouse

Eloisa Blouse: £109 (£92.65 with my discount)

The perfect jumper if you love your stripes but want a different option from the Breton t-shirts you already own! The warm tones of red will work for those of you with warm colouring…but be careful of the contrast with the white as this may well overwhelm your colouring if you have softer tones. This style of top is great for you if you need to build up your top half and have a small bust.

Deanie Organic Sweatshirt

Deanie Organic Sweatshirt: £85 (£72.25 with my discount)

Oh joy of joys…we now have a khaki leather jacket in the famous Baukjen lather jacket range! If you haven’t heard me go about how amazing the Baukjen leather pieces are…where have you been!!!! Every client, follower and member of my group who has ever tried one of these jackets on has always been so impressed. When I am seeing clients at my studio for a private consultation I have many times run up to my wardrobe to fetch mine for the client to try on and EVERY time they comment on the feel of the leather and how nice it feels on!. The quality is incredible; and they last and last and last…. I think mine is now 4 years old and is still as good as new…(and I am not overly precious with my clothes…I respect them but there are there to be worn and wear them I do!) So whilst I get that the price point does make you swallow you have to consider price per wear and how many items in your wardrobe you can wear them with and how many sections in your lifestyle you can wear them to. I wear mine over a maxi dress in the summer, with jeans and hoodie, with a cashmere jumper and tailored trousers, with heals, trainers…the list is never ending!

If you have warmth in your colouring this colour way is so fantastic for you and offers such a great alternative to the over-used black! If you are on the fence- just order it to try on and I think you will be very impressed!

Lyle Vegetable Tanned Leather Biker

Lyle Vegetable tanned biker jacket: £449 (£381.65 with my discount)

If I had a £1 for every client I have ever advised to get a pair of bootleg jeans I think I could now retire to the Bahamas!! The style is THE most flattering on EVERYONE…as they are designed to give your leg shape and length… what’s not to love? They balance out wide hips, they slim down full thighs and they allow you to wear a good heel to make your legs look like they go on forever…the perfect scenario! However every time I mention them clients are always reticent as they perceive them to be “out of fashion” to which I always reply..does that matter if they make you look great. There is no point being a slave to current trends that don’t suit you and ignoring older trends that do…my advice is to find out what flatters your shape, proportions, scale and colouring and stick with the styles that enhance those…simples!

Valentina Organic Bootcut Jean

Valentina Organic Bootcut jean: £109 (£92.65 with my discount) 

A more current style of jeans that is pretty challenging for most people to be flattered by is the boyfriend jean, as they are often too full in the leg, making your legs look short and stumpy. However, the design team have worked their magic with these beauties and have tweaked the cut to be much more flattering then usual. These are SO comfortable…I have a pair from over a year ago and they are still my go-to!  If you are more on the petite side I would wear with heals and a smarter top and blazer to ensure that your legs look as long as possible in them.

The Organic Boyfriend Jean

Organic boyfriend jean: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)


If you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: KATEEVANS15″ to get 15% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

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Kate xxx