Make every day a duvet day!

Make every day a duvet day!

I’m thinking that if you are anything like me you will be wanting to get out for some fresh air over the next week or so at regular intervals to to take a few “putting loads of family under one roof for a length of time” deep breaths to find your equilibrium again!

The “duvet coat” plays a big part in winter walking fashion…built for comfort and warmth over style, they are not the most obvious of fashion garments but bulky puffer jackets in all lengths have become the A-listers must have item. Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Julianne Moore and Katie Holmes to name a few have been photographed wearing them.

Not only are they great for keeping out the chill, they are light-weight, don’t crease and best of all they disguise any post-Christmas indulgence. The other thing, of course, is that providing you don’t take it off in public, no one will know what you have got on underneath so you could still have your pyjamas on. Perfect for if you need a quick dash outside for some deep breaths!

What started as a ‘I wouldn’t been seen dead in one of those’ sort of coat is now readily available from every High Street retailer. From Sainsbury to Zara take your pick. I especially love the ones with a big fur hood trim…all lux and no rain drips in the face!

From a styling point of view I would just advise that these Michelin Man type coats add bulk and look great on tall and/or slim ladies, however, if you are on the shorter size and edging towards a size 14/16 please ask a friend you can trust when trying one on, for her honest opinion before purchasing.

With regard to the best colour to buy, then my advice is: if you have blonde and light brown hair opt for a soft brown or light pewter, if you have dark hair then black or navy will work, should you have red tones in your hair then choose a khaki or brown and if you have silver locks then navy is best and black will look great too.

Keep warm now!

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