King of Colours

King of Colours

Whenever clients ask me about “a capsule wardrobe” they refer to it as though it’s illusive, hard to achieve and totally out of their reach.

My answer to them is always the same- a capsule wardrobe relies on having good basics; once you have those in place- you can start to build from there and create a wardrobe that works together and you get use out of EVERYTHING in it.

The first and most important step to take when starting to create this much longed for wardrobe is to know what colours suit your own colouring best; which ones flatter you when you have had little sleep, which ones go together brilliantly- whether in prints or separates, how you can accessorize with a corresponding colour and what are your staple neutrals. *

You could then use this information in two ways: you could build from basic tops in the best colours for you and accessorize to add the interest. Or, you could be attracted to the printed, statement item first, and then work out what you can put with it.

A company that I have been recommending to clients for years which would fulfil both these approaches is Kettlewell colours. They have a vast range of tops, in lots of different styles as well as jumpers, scarves, jackets and dresses. Their key USP is that every item comes in an array of colours so that if you are looking for particular colour- whatever time of year it is, they are sure to have it.

Kettlewell is not about fast-moving fashion-what you will get is great quality basics, in a fabulous range of colours that you can always rely on to help you with the building blocks of your wardrobe.

There is a massive need for this style of brand; it’s like a friendship group- you need the extroverts who create the fun and drama and you need some members to be the steady voice of reason, the reliable ones the ones who get stuff done.

It’s the same with your wardrobe – use the Zaras, H&Ms and M&S’s of the world to give you faster moving fashion and the “I MUST have it” moments, and rely on brands like Kettlewell to provide you with the building blocks –  the “solid, dependable” items.

A wardrobe cannot be built on flights of fancy and “star items” alone-otherwise you will have a collection of what I call “one hit wonders” items. These can, at best, have only one other item in your wardrobe to wear it with and at worst, nothing at all, and hang there taunting you every time you look at them, remembering how much they cost and the fact they have never seen the light of day!

So I want to take you through the two approaches to starting to build outfits and to make sure that you are getting wear out of what you buy.

*NB- it is the colours that are next to your face that matter most- whatever is on your lower half is less important- as long as it goes with your top half.

  1. Buying the basic item first:

Both of these looks start with the principle of picking a top in a colour you know works really well for you and using that to spring board the rest of the look…



Tee-shirt: Kettlewell- £35

Jeans: Gap: £49.50

Trainers: Air and Grace: £150

Jacket: Principles: £49

Earrings: Lavi and Belle: £35


Jumper: Kettlewell: £65

Skirt: Zara:£19.99

Earrings: Cotton and Gems: £65

Ring: Cotton and Gems: £27

Shoes: Ugg: £90

2. Start with the prints first

Chose tops in the colours of the print to give you maximum wear out of the jacket.

Jacket: Monsoon: £79

Pink cowl neck: Kettlewell: £35

Breton Stripe: Kettlewell: £42

Red Boat neck: Kettlewell:£42

Green square neck: Kettlewell: £32


I hope that gives you some ideas of the starting points and how to build up from there. You might find one method more logical to the other…or you might like either approach according to your mood / needs! Either way- it’s good to know how to make the first step….and the principle that basics are everything!


This blog was sponsored by Kettlewell but all content, ideas and thoughts are my own.








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