Kettlewell Styling Tips Part 2

Kettlewell Styling Tips Part 2

Hello! I hope you have had a good week?

Today the blog is short and sweet as I have the other two Kettlewell styling videos for you (if you didn’t see my blog from last week with the other styling videos- the link is here.)

When a tee shirt is more then “Just a tee shirt”

In the video I was wearing:

How to make wearing brown feel more interesting

In the video I am wearing:

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I hope you enjoyed the styling tips? If you want more of my help and ideas – take a look at my webinar page on my website to read more about the different ones I have available. They have been SO well received so far….here are what people have been saying about them.

“Thank you Kate, incredibly helpful and really enjoyed it.”

“Great advantage being able to watch in my own time.”

“Thank you SO much- that was amazing- I will re watch again tonight in order to engrain new strategy – have spent a life time falling into all the traps you explained! Will try to plan in advance in future!!”

“Thank you! So helpful- will definitely sign up for next one!”

“I have watched the two webinars that are available and I absolutely loved them.”

“Your webinars have clarified so much. I’m going to print off the downloads and have a thorough wardrobe edit before I shop. So looking forward to the others.”

If you have any questions- just let me know.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kate x



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