Kettlewell Styling Tips Part 1

Kettlewell Styling Tips Part 1

Hello! I hope you have had a good week back at work after the glorious Easter weekend?

So this week’s bog is about Kettlewell – a British brand that is passionate about helping women t0 be the very best version of themselves by wearing clothes in their best colours. The company was started in 2004 by Melissa Nicholson and her husband John after she had her colours done but soon discovered that she could not find “her colours” all the year round- only during part of the year, due to fashion and the colours of the particular season.  So she created an entire range of wardrobe essentials, in all the colours that feature when you have a colour analysis consultation and categorised them so that you can find the colours you know work for you, according to your “category”.

Last year she asked me if I would be one of the brand’s ambassadors and I was delighted to accept as I have been telling my clients about Kettlewell for years as I know they provide a brilliant service and great range to people who want to find clothes in the exact colours they know work for them. After Melissa and I did a photo shoot together last Autumn we got talking about the work I do and how passionate I am about helping brands to help their customers to navigate their collections more effectively.  Melissa loved this idea so invited me down to Kettlewell HQ in Dorset a few weeks ago to show me the new collection and to film me giving styling tips and ideas to share with her audience and mine.

There are five videos in total but my website can’t cope with too many at a time so I have split them into three this week and two for next week’s blogpost!

1.The introduction from Melissa and why she wanted to work with me.

2.My favourite pieces from the collection.

3.My styling tips for busy days


Here are the names and links to what I was wearing:

Outfit 1 Dark Olive & Brick Red Tilly Dress | Ginger Roxy Jacket (Greystone is sold out) | Tomato Lorenz Shoes

Outfit 2 Dark Navy Chloe Jacket | Juniper Eliza Top | Rose Gold Superga Metallic Trainers

Outfit 3 Copper Rose Imogen Top | Platino Metallic Leather Belt | Rose Lorenz Shoes

Outfit 4 Light Dove Grey Eliza Top | Watermelon Sadie Jacket | Copper Camo Metallic Print Scarf


I hope you enjoy the videos and find them useful!

Melissa has kindly given me a discount code to pass onto you all should you want to buy anything:

KCKATEE2” gives you a 15% discount with free P&P and returns. It is available until 9th May 2019.

Have a great weekend x


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