January Members blog- be sale savvy!

January Members blog- be sale savvy!

Hello and Happy New Year!!

A huge welcome to those of you who have recently joined the membership and a big thank you to those of you who have transferred across to the new membership. I so appreciate your loyalty for sticking with me and I really hope you like all the changes that are happening!

To access all the content- the webinars, how-to videos, the previous blogs and the live Q&A’s – they are all now stored in the membership portal. This is a separate site to my normal website and you can access it by clicking here.  You need to register for a new account and you will then be allowed in to watch anything you like. The “webinars” are now called “on-demand video training” ….but the actual titles of each one are just the same as before so will be easy to recognise. Any problems- let me know.

Seeing as it’s January 1st I thought it might be useful for this months’ blog to give some advice on “how to shop the sales” to prevent you from being lured into making purchases you *think* you need (but in reality it’s the price tag you are more excited about!) I appreciated that the sales started earlier than usual this year so you might have already done some buying- but my advice and approach will help you for any sale time- so keep this blog saved!

Whenever I sort out a client’s wardrobe there will always be a few items lurking with their tags still on them; the client sheepishly admitting that she “got it in the sale”! So often we succumb to something shiny, colourful, fabulous and just plain “new”. However, boring as it may sound, if you haven’t thought the purchase through, it can very quickly become a “one hit wonder” taunting you every time you open your wardrobe…

“You never wear me, but I cost you a fortune….. You can’t wear me as I don’t go with anything else in here….. Even if you wanted to wear me, I don’t actually fit you properly…. You can’t get rid of me as you would feel too guilty of the waste…. So I continue to sit in here, gathering dust and preventing you from buying something that would actually work better for you….”

We ALL make these mistakes….even me (yes I know, you are the lucky few who I admit that to!). If I am not careful, I will easily embark on some sale shopping and come home with yet another cashmere jumper / cream silk shirt / pair of ankle boots…none of which I need, as I already filled those gaps long ago!! They are my “default” items, the things that I love buying, the things that are easy to find and the things that suit me. We all have these buying habits, it’s human nature to keep doing something that feels easy; but they are the downfall of a successful wardrobe. At best, they can make your style feel quite one-dimensional as you are wearing the same look a lot and at worst, they take your budget away from items you actually need.
So, here are my tips on how to avoid breaking the bank on those ‘bargains’ and to make sale shopping a successful and productive exercise.

Sign up: I always find the best things in sale previews. The key is to get on the mailing list of your favourite boutiques, brands and online stores so that you receive their early VIP preview email. Then you can get ahead of the curve and shop strategically.

Knowledge is power:
Like all things in life, it is best to go armed with knowledge as then you will be more focussed and successful in your choices. I would strongly suggest you take some time to find out what colours, cuts, fabrics and styles of clothes suit your body shape, scale and proportions the best; so click here to login to the membership to watch as many of my online videos you think will help you.

Make a list:
Before setting off for the shops, make a shopping list of everything you wish to purchase and set yourself a budget.
I would divide this list into sections:
-Staples: Items that never go out of fashion and will last. Buy the best quality you can afford as it will last you longer.
-Classic items: Cashmere jumpers, single breasted jackets, black trousers, court shoes, whatever items you know are your “fail safes” for your lifestyle.
-Items that will take you into the next season: think about colour, fabric and styles that you will be able to get wear out of past the current season and well into the next.

Ultimately – timeless investment pieces that you can wear in lots of different ways are going to be the best bargains.

If you are going to go in person (rather than online), go on a day when you are feeling positive and energised – start early and be prepared as shopping is tiring.

1.Think about what you wear/take with you
-Wear comfortable and easy to remove footwear. Not too many layers either as you’ll get hot and it’s time consuming taking everything on and off when you are changing.
-If you are shopping for a dress, take some higher shoes and tights with you. Don’t try and imagine how the dress would look when you have your trousers round your ankles and a pair of pop socks on!!
-Make sure you wear make-up so you are feeling perky
-Wear a good bra and decent underwear; don’t forget to take a strapless bra if you are going to be trying on tops and dresses that require one.
-Decant your handbag essentials into a cross body bag so it’s light and easy to carry and allows both hands for searching.
-Take a few coffee breaks and of course stop for lunch!

2.Make your first stop the department stores:
By shopping in this way, you have maximum number of brands in one place and minimum amount of changing time.

3.Be reject-ready:
Obviously, there will be lots of items in the sales from this season’s fashionable colours and styles; the good, the bad and the (very) ugly. Remind yourself that the reason these items are in the sale is because no one wanted to buy them full price. Is there a reason for this?

4.Is it too “right now” to work “later on”?
It’s worth taking a minute to consider if you will want to wear ‘volcanic’ orange going into spring or a red sequinned jacket next year when everyone else has moved on to something else that is more fashionable at that time. Be strategic in your purchases so you can get the most wear of what you buy immediately.

5.Be price savvy:
Always ask yourself “would I have bought this full price?” There is no point in buying something that is heavily reduced if you don’t really need it. Don’t be swayed by any amount of saving; if you will never use it or wear it, what’s the point? Try to make sure you only purchase items that are on your shopping list as you know they will be put to good use – stay strong!

6.Buy the right size:
Simple obvious advice, but I have been known in the past to scoop up shoes that are too small, in the hope I’ll squeeze my size 8’s in. This only ever ends in disaster, as they make any occasion you wear them to- hell, so you end up not wearing them. Be realistic about sizes of clothes…if it’s too small are you promising to yourself you will lose weight by x date to fit into it, even if that means permanent abstinence? If it’s too big will you really find a dress maker to alter it for you or is that wishful thinking?

7.Know your rights:
Before you make a purchase be sure you know the store’s refund and exchange policy during the sale period. This will differ for each company, so to avoid misunderstanding always ask or read the signs that are usually displayed at the till point.

I hope that helps and gives you some pointers so that you have the best chance of making really brilliant choices at bargain prices. Please feel free to post your sale purchases into the Facebook group so we can all applaud your shopping prowess – it will be great to see what caught your eye!

There are no discount codes for this month due to obvious reasons!!

This month I have recorded a video on how to style up your tops with the right types of necklaces- you can find this in the members portal

This will take place on Thursday 23rd January at 9am. This will take place live, in the Facebook Group and if you miss it- don’t worry as it will be saved within the group to watch in your own time. If you would like to ask me a question, you can either email it to me in advance (hello@kate-evans.co.uk) or you can ask me during the live session. I cannot always guarantee to answer your question if you send it in advance, as it depends on how many I receive. I will be answering the ones that I know are applicable to most people.

If you enjoy the membership, please let me know by either emailing me or tagging me in social media as this really helps spread the word…thank you! Here are the links to my channels:
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In the meantime- enjoy watching the webinars and let me know your requests for more that you would like me to record…topics you would find useful and areas you need more advice on.
Take care
Kate x

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