It’s the tops!

It’s the tops!

Hello and how you doing? I hope that with the signs of spring emerging and the news becoming more encouraging, you are beginning to allow your mind to wander further then what you will be having for supper tonight…and onto more fabulous things such as “shall I buy myself a new coat for spring/summer?

I have had three days already this week when I haven’t worn socks and it’s felt very liberating and exciting…#rocknroll eh?!!!

So I was scrolling through the end of February drop from Baukjen and clearly they are on “top” of their game (see what I did there!) as there are so many gorgeous ones I thought I would just keep it simple and focus on those for this month…I hope you like my picks!


This shirt comes in two colours…I couldn’t decide which one I liked more so included both in the blog. The khaki would work for all those of you with a warm skin tone and you will be pleased to know that by buying this you will be right on trend as this is one of THE colours for the season! (I feel I should add here as a side-line that there aren’t many clear fashion trends coming out for spring summer at the moment- I think everyone will just be so pleased to be wearing more of their wardrobe then just the loungewear section, they won’t necessarily be feeling like they need a whole new look!)

Luisa Tencel Blouse

Luisa Tencel Blouse in khaki: £99 (£79.20 with my discount)

Here is the white version- great for those of you with cooler or lighter colouring. The cut will work well for small busts and shoulders which need a bit of help to look broader due to where the gathers are. Careful if you are neat in shape though as the cut could drawn you- maybe size down to get round this.

Luisa Tencel Blouse

Luisa Tencel Blouse in white: £99 (£79.20 with my discount)


A hoodie with puffed shoulders- a fabulous combination! I also love the striped detail around the cuffs and hem. However, be careful if you hold weight on your tummy or are bottom heavy as this style of hem will draw attention to this area.  A brilliant neutral colour for those of you with lighter colouring though as so useful as can be worn for slightly smarter occasions then your average sweatshirt ….I like the thought of pairing it with a floral skirt- picking out the same colours in the florals as is in the cuffs.

Indi Organic Sweatshirt

Indi Sweatshirt: 385 (£68 with my discount)


Baukjen did a similar coloured hoodie last summer and I talked about it on my Instagram, advising those of you with a warm skin tone as well as fair colouring to get it as it is such a great colour for you.  I got SO many messages about it afterwards from people telling me that they had followed my advice having previously never have considered buying this colour as it scared them. They were so pleased they had as they felt brilliant in it…and every time I wear mine now on social media it opens up the flood gates of people sending me pictures of themselves in their own!! So here’s chance #2 to get yours if you missed out the first time!

Albany Organic Hoodie

Albany Hoodie: £79 (£63.20 with my discount)

Such a pretty floral top with the puff sleeve detail again- perfect for making your shoulders look broader. The colours would work well for those of you with softer colouring due to the tones and combinations of colours. Worn with blue or white jeans, or a plain maxi skirt it will be such a “no brainer”, easy top to throw on that will do all the hard work for you.

Bianca Blouse with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Bianca Blouse: £99 (£79.20 with my discount)

From florals to stripes….this is heaven… Scandi simplicity at it’s best. It is again another shoulder-broadening top due to the wide cut at the top of the arms. Careful if you have a full bust as this style will only make you look broader here. The stark black and white stripes will work for those of you with clear, bright colouring- and will look great with a bold coloured jacket over the top.

Emmanuelle Top with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Emmanuelle Top: £59 (£47.20 with my discount)

If you don’t already own a denim jacket, I would strongly advise you to get one as they are one of the most useful items to have in your wardrobe for spring/summer/autumn. Worn on their own or as part of a layering combination they work so well over dresses, skirts and hoodies and underneath a range of coats. This style would work well for those of you who are fairly straight in your torso since it is cut quite straight. If you have curve in your bust make sure you can do it up properly and it sits right as even though you may not wear it done up- by checking this first it will ensure it will sit right when it is undone.

Organic Denim Jacket

Organic Denim Jacket: £149 (£119.20 with my discount)


If you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: KESTYLES15″ to get 15% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…


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Take good care of yourselves

Kate xx