It’s all in the planning

It’s all in the planning

With the autumnal weather now kicking in, we’re officially allowed to embrace the chunky knits, scarves and boots again. I for one always get excited about the prospect of updating my wardrobe and getting into the shops to refresh some old looks and find a few new ones. And if I’m really honest- I prefer winter dressing to summer…there is more scope for creativity.

In this month’s blog I want to share some tips on how to get the best out of your current wardrobe and also highlight some of this season’s best picks.


We all know the saying “Prior Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance” and this is never more true than when thinking about one’s own wardrobe or next shopping trip. For those that know me, I am renowned for being a planner…I love a list. I love ticking things off it (yes, I even write things down on the list just so I can cross them out). Lists make me feel calm, in control and focused. So, it will come as no surprise that I am listing the VITAL steps to go through pre-shopping or what I call my Essential Fashion Tasks (EFTs):

  1. Most of the consultations I do in the Autumn are spent helping my clients to sort out their wardrobes… a twice-yearly EFT to find out what is past its best, which things are keepers, where the gaps are and what you need to buy. You can then put together a happy list of ‘must-haves’ to either find online or in the shops.  
  2. By having a good rummage and sort out of your wardrobe it will become clear to you the items you obviously love buying (for me its leopard print shoes) and items you find more challenging…. such as a causal pair of trousers that aren’t jeans. If you have these repeat-purchase habits you really will end up with annoying gaps in your wardrobe and the very real prospect of having NOTHING TO WEAR for a particular occasion.
  3. Be clear on what colours suit you and how you should wear them. Do you find bright colours make you sparkle or do they overwhelm you? Do you feel you always gravitate towards black as you are not sure of what other colours would work for you?
  4. Be sure about the cuts and fabrics that flatter you, the prints or scale you should look out for and which to avoid like the plague!

All of these EFTs will help you prevent the “trial and error” style of shopping which can be extremely expensive and far more importantly – play havoc on your self-esteem!   There is nothing worse than standing in a changing room with your jeans around your ankles and a dress on which is clinging in all the wrong places.  There will be a reason why it doesn’t work, so make sure you know this before you take the item off the rail – we’re aiming for you to be skipping out the changing rooms rather then heading straight for the wine bar to drown your sorrows!

Biker Jackets:

These are such a useful addition to your wardrobe, as they instantly make an outfit look cool with very little effort. Here is a suede one from H&M, great with waisted dresses or long, wide leg trousers. There are also so many imitation leather ones out there too which are so practical as they are wipe clean (easy to remove all unwanted traces of the kids) and for the price of a jumper it’s a no-brainer.

My trusty biker from H&M – I love it and a grey version is good if you can’t wear black.


Visions of being dressed in velvet as a child and feeling like a trussed up chicken have to be banished here as velvet is cool again. This dress from Topshop is beautiful…in a simple and unassuming style but could easily be dressed up with ankle books and your trusty biker jacket in leather (great combination of fabrics here) to feel more 21st Century.  You could also get a velvet jacket to go with jeans, or a velvet jumper… in one of the key colours for the season for a more casual look.


I LOVE these- being a tall girl I am plagued with skirts and dresses that can easily border on the indecent …so to have a fashion trend that is intentionally aiming for well below the knees…happy days! Wear with your biker jacket or a chunky, knitted cardigan and ankle boots…it is a great transitional item while the weather is still “inbetweeny”.


With this trend its quite simple…you either like it or you don’t…. For some it’s too fussy for others it screams “feminine”. Floral in the winter needs to have an element of darker colours in it…this season it is in all forms…shirts, skirts, dresses, trousers…the possibilities are endless. One item I think would be really useful would be as a jacket… pair it with a simple tee, jeans and heals and the jacket does all the talking….

This is a rather whistle-stop tour I’m afraid and there are so many more I could have listed. I do offer much more detailed Seasonal Update Consultations, which are ideal for groups of friends; let me know if you would like to know more or to book an appointment.

I would love to know how you get on – tag me on Instagram to share your much loved purchases! Good Luck!