Is dressing for your body type archaic?

Is dressing for your body type archaic?

Last Sunday Erica Davies (a fashion journalist who I do think is wonderful and has fantastic style) wrote a post on Instagram about her new book -and this post made me incredibly cross. I’m not normally someone who gets cross, nor am I someone who vents on Instagram but I just felt the message she was spreading had the potential to be at best- patronising, and at worst- harmful, for some people so I ended up recording a video explaining my views.

You can read Erica’s post here and you can watch my video here.

In Erica’s piece on Instagram she was explaining about why she had written her book and that part of it was due to “all the sterile fashion notions I’ve tried hard to ‘unlearn.’ You know the ones; the archaic ’rules’ that tell us we all fit into a limited number of body shapes, each with their very specific set of style guidelines.”

You might be beginning to see why this upset me…!

In describing a service like mine as “archaic” she has effectively invalidated the feelings and frustrations of so many of my clients as well as totally missing the point that for some people dressing in a stylish way is really hard.

She endorses “wearing what makes you happy” and not feeling under pressure to conform. But in my experience a lot of people don’t really know what clothes make them happy as they are just totally overwhelmed by clothes / style / where they fit, because…
• There are so many choices out there
• Our bodies change shape
• Our jobs change
• Our lifestyle has changed
• Our children have left home
• The menopause…

My lovely clients end up scrolling on Instagram and Pinterest looking at brands and outfits they use to love but really having no idea where to start and end up feeling rubbish about themselves. Therefore, using a service like I offer gives you that starting point – you get “rules” to help you put an outfit together that you love and feel good in.

These “rules” aren’t set in stone! They’re more like guidelines just like a recipe book – so where you might want your brownies to be a bit sweeter – you have the flexibility to add more sugar…!

However, these rules give you the foundations to build your style without overwhelm.

Some people, like Erica, don’t need these rules, they can just do it naturally. Like how some people can just draw or play a musical instrument. They have that innate creativity….but some people don’t! And it’s unfair to call their process of learning how to get the same results (an outfit you look and feel fabulous in) archaic! That just makes people feel rubbish about their own shortcomings. Something I obviously don’t condone.

A client actually thanked me for that post because she had always felt like she was missing something not knowing how to put together an outfit that looked nice. She was embarrassed that she couldn’t just do it because she had heard the process of using rules for dressing described as old-fashioned, etc.

So I just want to say right now that there is NOTHING wrong with you if you weren’t born knowing how to put together an outfit like a Vogue fashion editor.

You’re not useless and you’re not stupid and it’s alright to ask for help so you can learn in a way that works for you.

Everyone learns in different ways, everyone needs different approaches. My job is one way…

It might not be a way that Erica likes or respects, but that doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant. How can it be when it helps so many?

Do you have any thoughts on the subject?

Kate x

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