Inspiring style injections!

Inspiring style injections!

Hello and welcome to friday night… I hope you have had a good week? I am back with another slice of Baukjen inspiration as they begin 2020 with a fabulous drop of new pieces. So without further ado- let me take you through my favourites and give you some pointers as to who they would suit.

Abigail shirt Dress: £149 (£119.20 with my discount)

This dress caught my eye on first inspection of the new range, and when it arrived this week and I had to put it on immediately….always a good sign! It is in a heavy cotton jersey- so its thicker then usual and a good weight. It is roomy though- so I would size down to stop it swamping your shape. The relaxed cut is deeply relaxing-this is definitely a dress to wear when you want it to all hang out- but you still want to look stylish! Be careful if you are petite though due to the volume of fabric as well as the fact the skirt is tiered. If you put weight on your tummy I would also avoid this dress as the fabric is gathered here and will only emphasise in ways that aren’t helpful. Other then that- a great dress in neutral colours for those of you with a warm skin tone. Perfect with trainers as it would be with heels or boots….so beautifully versatile!


Cosette Dress: £119 (£95.20 with my discount)

I love the colour of this; it would suit red-heads or those of you with very dark hair. The relaxed, stretchy fabric will bend round curves and will really work for those of you who are curvy but balanced in shape due to the shoulder and hip detail. If it’s a wee bit long for you- I would advise getting in hemmed to either just below, on, or above your knee (check where its most narrow) so you get a flattering length for you.

Gail Jeans: £99 (£79.20 with my discount)

The Gail jeans were in their collection last year and clearly proved popular so they have bene brought back again this year. I love the styling in the picture with boots- this light colour with them is a particularly good way of not “chopping” your leg up too much. Or you could wear these with a striking pair of heels so that they can be shown off in their full glory. Careful if your legs are on the shorter side or you put weight here as the cropped length will only highlight this.

Oralie Cargo Pants: £99 (£79.20 with my discount)


Such a useful alternative to jeans (if I had a £ every time someone asked me “what else can I wear apart from jeans?!”) ….these will go with so many items due to their neutral colouring – I love khaki with navy/white/black/red …. and they look great with brown ankles!  Be careful if you put weight on your hips / top of legs though due to the pocket detailing here.

Emma Stripe Top: £69 (£55.20 with my discount)

I have two of these tops- and I LOVE the quality of the fabric. It is much thicker then the average t-shirt so hangs and washes much better. The colour of this is stunning and will work for those of you who need to wear high contrasting colours due to the white against the bright green. It’s pictured here with the Gail jeans I mention before…

Kara Leather Jacket £449 (£359.20 with my discount)

I included this gem of a jacket as it always goes out of stock very quickly; so if you want to get it- grab it now with my discount! I cannot praise these jackets enough. Every client/person I know who has bought one has not been disappointed…in fact they rave about it! The navy blue is such a great alternative to black and works so much better for those of you with fairer or softer colouring. I would SO advise you to get this now so you can get maximum wear out of it. In these winter months wear with cashmere jumpers underneath; come spring- swap these for tee-shirts before you move into summer and can wear it with maxi dresses and skirts. These jackets are investment pieces but they really last- so look on the price as a cost per wear and it will feel more digestible!

If you want to buy any full price items you can use my new discount code: KATE20SS to get 20% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…



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Have a great weekend.

Kate x

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