Handbag and the Gladrags…Part Two

Handbag and the Gladrags…Part Two

I am so sorry for the delay in posting this…the snow last week caused havoc with any efficient “to-do” list I might have been trying to work through!

So- part two of my “current favourites” is all about Baukjen – a company that is refreshingly honest about how they operate and what they offer:
“Baukjen is for every day and every mood. We design collections that you can mix and match into your wardrobe and wear in a relaxed and effortless way”.

I discovered them about 5 years ago and have been telling my clients about them ever since. Their style is classic, timeless, uncluttered and good quality and since 99.9% of my clients are wanting to build a wardrobe made up of pieces that area easy to mix and match – therefore creating the illusive “capsule wardrobe”, I thought it would be good to tell you more about them.

Here are a few of the pieces I have:

The Jumpsuit:

Literally one of the most comfortable things to wear…it’s like wearing a onesie- except it’s stylish, great quality and so easy to dress up and down. I wear mine with heels and a jacket or I will dress it down with trainers and a biker jacket. This one is from a few years ago – but here is a link to their currant one.


Boyfriend jeans:

On me these are quite short (as I am 6ft) but for those of you who are shorter – you will be able to roll them up and create a different look. I cannot tell you how comfortable they are…slightly higher waisted so they contain any that needs containing around the waistline. Boyfriend jeans can be very baggy, full and unflattering- especially if you are bottom heavy. These ones however, are more tailored…less full and therefore more flattering. They are like a loose, straight jean and a wonderful relief from the leg- claustaphobia that skinnies can cause! They are from their currant collection here.

Navy button Jumper:



If you are like me and err on the side of being bottom heavy- this jumper will be brilliant for you as it brings detail (and therefore attention) to the shoulders and will help to make your shape look more balanced. A great classic, lightweight navy jumper- perfect to wear with skirts in the summer, or with fuller trousers, as it will keep your look neat on top. You can find it in their currant collection here.

My other top picks:

Elenor Blouse

A brilliant top for those of you who are rectangular in shape as the softer fabric will bend around your curves and the neckline will cut you in half lengthways.


Ellen Safari Shirt

Great for those of you with a warm skin tone….who doesn’t love a khaki shirt with a pair of white jeans, gold jewellery and a tan!

Alessia Top

Perfect cut for a full bust…and I love the capped sleeves- so flattering on the upper arm.

Kaye Dress

I love the simplicity of this- a real “throw on- but still look elegant” type dress. Add some heels and a statement necklace and you are good for the office.

I hope that gives you some idea of their styling.. do take a look at their site as Baukjen are kindly offering my clients 20% off their collection if you use the code: KE20 ….so get shopping!

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